2015-09-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/ipmi: Use advisory locking on ipmi device
2015-09-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/devmapper: Use explicit 64-bit types for secto...
2015-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Set default language
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrpo: Add missed translations fixes
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: status messages shouldn't have a trailing...
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrpo: Manual translation formatting fixes
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrpo: translation updates
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add translation comments for status messages
2015-09-15 Samuel Mendoza... po: Update translation files
2015-09-15 Samuel Mendoza... Fix certain calls to gettext
2015-09-11 Samuel Mendoza... Merge branch 'pb-plugin' into master
2015-09-11 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Don't execute metadata files
2015-09-10 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Improve scrolling behaviour
2015-09-10 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Allow text wrapping in select widgets
2015-09-10 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Allow fs recovery if snapshot available
2015-09-07 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Improve update handling in nested screens
2015-09-07 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Change arrangement of boot order buttons
2015-09-07 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Resize & adjust OK/Help/Cancel buttons
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Fix invalid command reference
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-console: Always add plugins directory to PATH
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Add lint command
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Implement plugin ABI versioning
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Only require a fixed plugin extension, inste...
2015-08-31 Samuel Mendoza... Consolidate display string for optical devices
2015-08-31 Samuel Mendoza... Recognise storage devices on USB bus
2015-08-31 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Fix positioning of i18n strings in button...
2015-08-31 Samuel Mendoza... lib/i18n: Move strncols to i18n.c
2015-08-27 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Move plugin wrappers to a separate dir
2015-08-25 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Update nc-config help text for Disk R/W
2015-08-25 Samuel Mendoza... lib/fold: Handle extra mbrtowc return case
2015-08-21 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Keep chroot persistent, and create wrapper...
2015-08-19 Samuel Mendoza... po: Translation updates for all languages
2015-08-18 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Add disable param for dm-snapshots
2015-08-18 Samuel Mendoza... discover/udev: Additional checks in udev_handle_block_add
2015-08-18 Samuel Mendoza... discover/devmapper: Disable libdm udev sync support
2015-08-07 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Update to chroot-style plugins
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza... Make read-only guarantee user-settable
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Mount snapshots for all eligible disk devices
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Support creation of device-mapper devices
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Keep track of available ramdisk devices
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Ensure destroy_device is called on reinit
2015-08-04 Samuel Mendoza... po: Translation updates for autoboot/ipmi changes
2015-06-26 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Layout tweaks for boot order interface
2015-06-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Fix raw string argument to talloc_asprintf_append
2015-06-26 Jeremy KerrMerge remote-tracking rbanch sammj/master
2015-05-20 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Properly reposition cursor after menu update
2015-05-20 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Toggle visibility of timeout help label
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Fix whitespace in discover_handler_conf
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Display devices currently being parsed
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Clear default-boot-device when invalidated
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Display current ipmi bootdev settings
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... lib: Move ipmi_bootdev enum to types.h
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Update config screen help text
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... petitboot: Implement ordered boot options
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Use sorted field navigation
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add nc-subset selection screen
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add nc_widget_subset
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Add support for multiple bootdev arguments
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza... lib: Define autoboot_options, device_type helpers
2015-05-01 Joel Stanleydiscover: Set OS Boot sensor with 0xa9
2015-04-30 Joel Stanleydiscover: Set OS Boot sensor with 0xa9
2015-04-23 Joel Stanleydiscover/platform-powerpc: Set IPMI OS boot sensor
2015-04-22 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Define Home, End, and Page Up/Down keys
2015-04-21 Joel Stanleydiscover/platform-powerpc: Set IPMI OS boot sensor
2015-04-14 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: establish PATH before running pb...
2015-04-14 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Initialise strtok_r saveptr to NULL
2015-04-14 Jeremy KerrMerge remote-tracking branch 'sammj/master'
2015-04-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/platform-powerpc: Fix logic for persistent...
2015-03-27 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-plugin: Add pb-plugin script
2015-03-26 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Mount with norecovery, avoid rw mount of...
2015-03-26 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Recognise renamed network interfaces
2015-02-16 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Reduce unnecessary calls to redrawwin
2015-02-16 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Prevent creation of empty boot entry
2015-02-16 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/platform: rename finalise_config hook
2014-12-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/platform-powerpc: Implement direct IPMI interface
2014-12-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Integrate ipmi bootdev settings into the...
2014-12-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/powerpc: Separate ipmi bootdev handling into...
2014-12-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add ipmi module
2014-12-11 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Allow unset and invalid defaults
2014-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... discover/pxe: Format IPAPPEND mac addresses correctly
2014-12-01 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Add SLES btrfs snapshot stanza
2014-12-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: improve handling of word & delimiter...
2014-12-01 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Add dependency on
2014-12-01 Jeremy Kerrlib/fold: fix warning with -DDEBUG
2014-12-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: fix incorrect prototype in yyerror
2014-10-13 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Properly size buttons in boot option editor
2014-10-13 Samuel Mendoza... po: Translation Updates
2014-10-08 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Expand width of pad
2014-10-08 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Warn if widget runs over horizontal pad...
2014-10-08 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Properly size cancel and help buttons
2014-10-08 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Dynamically align text fields in nc-config
2014-10-08 Samuel Mendoza... po: Minor Russian translation updates
2014-09-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/platform: Add finalise_config_hook
2014-09-30 Samuel Mendoza... po: French translation updates
2014-09-30 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Adjust position of add-url field to fit...
2014-09-23 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Expand cancel & help button width
2014-09-23 Samuel Mendoza... po: translation updates
2014-09-23 Jeremy Kerrtests/lib/test-fold: Add mbs test with separators
2014-09-23 Jeremy Kerrlib/fold: Add support for multibyte strings
2014-09-19 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Fix unstranslated strings in sysinfo screen