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Project Description Owner Last Change
bitfield tool to decode bitfield values Jeremy Kerr 3 years ago
ccan The Comprehensive C Archive... Rusty Russell 6 weeks ago
ccan-lca-2011.git LCA-2011 "Advanced C Programmi... Paul "Rusty" Russell 13 years ago
hiprofile HTML Interactive Profiler Jeremy Kerr 15 years ago
minimigmac.git Minimigmac - Macintosh Plus... Benjamin Herrenschmidt 13 years ago
next-scripts The scripts used to build... Stephen Rothwell 2 years ago
patchwork web-based patch-tracking system Jeremy Kerr 8 years ago
petitboot kexec-based bootloader Sam Mendoza-Jonas 5 years ago
ponghero.git Pong Hero source code: see... Rusty Russell 13 years ago
ppp.git PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol... Paul Mackerras 2 months ago
tonyb-yaboot.git Tony's yaboot patches Tony Breeds 12 years ago
yaboot.git Yaboot is a PowerPC bootloader... Tony Breeds 11 years ago