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descriptionPPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) implementation for Linux and Solaris
ownerPaul Mackerras
last changeTue, 13 Feb 2024 09:40:56 +0000 (20:40 +1100)
2024-02-13 Paul Mackerraspppd man page: Update header to refer to pppd 2.5.x master
2024-02-13 Samuel Thibaultpppd: Restore adding a default route with different...
2024-01-11 Paul Mackerraspppoe: Fix sending of PADT on connection termination...
2024-01-01 Paul Mackerraspppd: Rework use of volatile in lcp-rtt code to elimina...
2023-12-27 Paul MackerrasRemove include/net/slcompress.h
2023-12-26 AtariDreamspppd: Fix calloc calls (#416)
2023-12-21 Tomasz Torczscripts/lcp_rtt_exporter: include content length in...
2023-12-21 Jaco Kroonradius: Fix MPPE key decryption for the second-half...
2023-12-21 Eivind NæssFix problem where the detection of openssl failed when...
2023-12-18 Jaco Kroonpppd: constify log format strings. (#462)
2023-12-06 Adrien RICCIARDIci: Fix the Solaris build (#464)
2023-11-09 Paul MackerrasFix typos in copyright dates
2023-11-09 Paul MackerrasRemove <linux/if_ppp.h> and <net/if_ppp.h> headers
2023-11-09 Paul MackerrasChange my paulus@samba.org email address to paulus...
2023-11-09 Paul MackerrasREADME: Update for 2.5.1 release
2023-11-08 Paul Mackerraspppoe: Fail if ethernet interface name is too long
10 months ago ppp-2.5.0 PPP version 2.5.0
3 years ago 2.4.9 PPP version 2.4.9
3 years ago ppp-2.4.9 PPP version 2.4.9
4 years ago ppp-2.4.8 PPP version 2.4.8
9 years ago ppp-2.4.7
24 years ago RELEASE_2_3_6 This commit was manufactured by...
29 years ago ppp-2-1-2a This commit was manufactured by...
2 weeks ago master
4 years ago eapfix
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