descriptionPPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) implementation for Linux and Solaris
ownerPaul Mackerras
last changeSat, 19 Oct 2019 06:29:39 +0000 (17:29 +1100)
2019-10-19 Samuel Thibaultpppd: Add defaultroute6 and related options master
2019-10-19 Paul Mackerraspppd: Avoid declarations within statements in main.c
2019-10-19 fhostpppd: Fix `ifname` option in case of multilink (#105)
2019-10-19 Paul Mackerraspppd: Fix variable reference syntax in Makefile.linux
2019-10-19 Alfonso Sánchez... pppd: Check tdb pointer before closing
2019-10-03 Paul MackerrasRevert "pppd: Include time.h before using time_t"
2019-10-01 Paul Mackerraspppdump: Eliminate printf format warning by using %zd
2019-10-01 Kurt Van Dijckpppd: Refactor setjmp/longjmp with pipe pair in event...
2019-10-01 Kurt Van Dijckmake: Avoid using host include for cross-compiling
2019-10-01 Kurt Van Dijckpppoe: Remove the use of cdefs
2019-10-01 Kurt Van Dijckpppd: Remove unused rcsid variables
2019-10-01 Kurt Van Dijckpppd: Fix GLIBC version test for non-glibc toolchains
2019-10-01 Kurt Van Dijckpppd: Include time.h before using time_t
2019-10-01 Kurt Van Dijckradius: Fix compiler warning
2019-10-01 Kurt Van Dijckmagic: Remove K&R style of arguments
2019-06-10 Paul MackerrasAdd
5 years ago ppp-2.4.7
13 years ago RELEASE_2_4_4 This commit was manufactured by...
20 years ago RELEASE_2_3_7 This commit was manufactured by...
20 years ago RELEASE_2_3_6 This commit was manufactured by...
23 years ago PPP_NODEMAND This commit was manufactured by...
24 years ago RELEASE-2-2 This commit was manufactured by...
25 years ago ppp-2-1-2a This commit was manufactured by...
4 weeks ago master
24 years ago PPP_NEW_START