descriptionPPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) implementation for Linux and Solaris
ownerPaul Mackerras
last changeSat, 18 Mar 2023 09:11:05 +0000 (20:11 +1100)
4 days ago Paul MackerrasFurther updates to README for 2.5.0 release master
4 days ago Paul Mackerraspppd/tty.c: Use unsigned constants for ACCM calculations
5 days ago Paul Mackerrasradius: Fix list traversal in rc_avpair_insert
5 days ago Paul Mackerraschat: Fix loop condition to avoid possible 1-byte buffe...
5 days ago Paul Mackerraspppdump: Remove compression functions from local copy...
5 days ago Ilya ShipitsinCI: add automatic tests, enable ASAN build&test (#399)
5 days ago Paul MackerrasMerge pull request #409 from enaess/conf-fixes
5 days ago Eivind NæssFix compilation without ipv6cp support (#408)
5 days ago Eivind NæssAdd a --with-system-ca-path <path-to-ca-directory>...
5 days ago Paul MackerrasMerge pull request #404 from enaess/stdbool
5 days ago Bmoradius plugin: add fclose operation to fix file pointer...
5 days ago Eivind NæssAdding 'extern "C" {' and '}' declarations to exported...
5 days ago Eivind NæssShould not require third party project to define HAVE_H...
5 days ago Eivind NæssCompiling with --enable-mslanman is broken
5 days ago Eivind NæssAdditional fixes for broken build
5 days ago Robert BartelFixing a few more memory leaks in chat.c
2 years ago 2.4.9 PPP version 2.4.9
2 years ago ppp-2.4.9 PPP version 2.4.9
3 years ago ppp-2.4.8 PPP version 2.4.8
8 years ago ppp-2.4.7
24 years ago RELEASE_2_3_6 This commit was manufactured by...
28 years ago ppp-2-1-2a This commit was manufactured by...
4 days ago master
3 years ago eapfix
27 years ago PPP_NEW_START