descriptionweb-based patch-tracking system
ownerJeremy Kerr
last changeThu, 24 Apr 2014 03:28:31 +0000 (11:28 +0800)
20 hours ago Jeremy Kerrutils/Order: Fix application of ordering master
21 hours ago Jeremy Kerrdocs/INSTALL: Add setup details for patchwork cron...
34 hours ago Jeremy Kerrtests: Make tests compatible with django 1.6
35 hours ago Jeremy KerrFix django-1.6 incompatibilities
2 days ago Jeremy Kerrtests/utils: Don't rely on field error message API
2 days ago Jeremy Kerrtests/patchparser: Inherit from djagno.test.TestCase
2 days ago Jeremy Kerrlib/sql: remove references to auth_message model
2 days ago Jeremy KerrDefer Person creation/linkage until registration is...
2 days ago Jeremy KerrAdd unconfirmed registration expiry
2 days ago Jeremy KerrUpdate to post a post-1.4 version.
3 days ago Jeremy KerrRemove references to django.conf.urls.defaults
3 days ago Jeremy Kerrviews/order: Apply default ordering as secondary
2014-01-29 Carl Worthpost-receive: Fix error message when pushing to an...
2014-01-29 Carl Worthdocs: Add a pointer to the git post-receive hook
2014-01-29 Carl WorthMake the post-receive hook more efficient (using pwclie...
2014-01-29 Carl Worthtools/post-receive.hook: don't update the previously...
20 hours ago master
22 months ago django-1.4
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