descriptionweb-based patch-tracking system
ownerJeremy Kerr
last changeSun, 3 May 2015 05:46:52 +0000 (13:46 +0800)
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanetox: Add tox.ini file master
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanesettings: Split '' into multiple files
2015-05-03 Stephen FinucaneIntegrate 'django.contrib.staticfiles'
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanesettings: Restructure settings file
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanedocs: Use 'prod' and 'dev' requirements files
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanesettings: Resolve all but one Django 1.7 warning
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucaneviews: Replace 'mimetype' with 'content_type'
2015-05-03 Stephen FinucaneResolve removed 'AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE' setting
2015-05-03 Michael EllermanMake the submitter name link to a query for that submitter
2015-05-03 aldotpwclient: honor PAGER for view
2015-03-22 Michael Ellermanparser: Fix parsing of patches with a trailing no-newli...
2015-03-22 Bryce HarringtonINSTALL: Fix indentation (whitespace only change) to...
2015-03-22 Bryce HarringtonINSTALL: Fix some minor typos
2015-03-22 Damien LespiauAlways use #!/usr/bin/env python
2015-03-22 Brian Norrispwclient: support 'archived' filtering and updating
2015-03-22 Brian Norrispwclient: drop unused variables
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