descriptionweb-based patch-tracking system
ownerJeremy Kerr
last changeFri, 4 Jul 2014 00:37:46 +0000 (08:37 +0800)
2014-07-04 Yann E. MORINpwclient: add bash completion for project names master
2014-07-04 Yann E. MORINpwclient: accept more than one project in ~/.pwclientrc
2014-07-04 Yann E. MORINpwclient: rename variable CONFIG_FILES to be singular
2014-06-03 Jeremy Kerrfilters: fix exception in filter querystring generation
2014-06-03 Jeremy Kerrtests/utils: Fix List-Id headers on emails from create_...
2014-05-08 Jeremy Kerrviews/generic_list: reduce number of queries in list...
2014-05-08 Jeremy Kerrmigration: Add cleanup-people migration script
2014-05-07 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: display projects as inline-block elements
2014-05-07 Jeremy Kerrmodels: order projects by linkname by default
2014-05-07 Jeremy Kerrtests: Add XMLRPC interface test
2014-05-07 Jeremy Kerrurls: Fix django-1.6 change in password change views
2014-05-06 Jeremy Kerrviews/xmlrpc: request.raw_post_data has been deprecated
2014-04-24 Jeremy Kerrutils/Order: Fix application of ordering
2014-04-24 Jeremy Kerrdocs/INSTALL: Add setup details for patchwork cron...
2014-04-23 Jeremy Kerrtests: Make tests compatible with django 1.6
2014-04-23 Jeremy KerrFix django-1.6 incompatibilities
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