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ownerJeremy Kerr
last changeWed, 29 Jan 2014 09:57:17 +0000 (17:57 +0800)
2014-01-29 Carl Worthpost-receive: Fix error message when pushing to an... master
2014-01-29 Carl Worthdocs: Add a pointer to the git post-receive hook
2014-01-29 Carl WorthMake the post-receive hook more efficient (using pwclie...
2014-01-29 Carl Worthtools/post-receive.hook: don't update the previously...
2014-01-28 Andreas Bießmannpwclient: fix handling UTF-8 in patch info
2013-10-13 Jeremy Kerrdocs: We're targetting django 1.5 now
2013-10-13 Konstantin... Add a config option to FORCE_HTTPS_LINKS
2013-10-13 Ralf Baechlelib/sql/migration: Fix column names for MySQL/MariaDB
2013-10-13 Jeremy Kerrtests: Use strings from fields module for error tests
2013-10-13 Ralf BaechleDjango 1.5 compatibility fixes
2013-10-13 Jeremy Kerrparser: Add support for rename-only patches
2013-10-13 Jeremy Kerrviews/base: Implement limit for submitter autocompletion
2013-10-13 Jeremy Kerrviews/base: Include email addresses in submitter autoco...
2013-10-04 Florian Fainellidocs: also mention that ROOT_DIR needs to be updated
2013-10-04 Florian Fainellisql: remove non-existing auth_message table
2013-10-04 Florian Fainellidocs: fix INSTALL instructions regarding Django
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