descriptiontool to decode bitfield values
ownerJeremy Kerr
last changeMon, 15 Mar 2021 09:19:29 +0000 (17:19 +0800)
2021-03-15 Jeremy Kerrbitfield: python3 support master
2009-12-21 Michael Neulingbitfield: Fix MSR_32 to give the right width
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrFix bit-0-is-lsb ordering
2009-11-12 Michael NeulingAdd powerpc sdr1
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrAdd support for hex (and octal) values
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrAdd &mask syntax
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrFix ordering of mask values
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrUse env to find python
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrRemove redundant whitespace
2009-11-12 Olof Johanssonpowerpc.conf updates
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrAdded 32-bit MSR to powerpc definitions
2009-11-12 Michael NeulingAdded radeon.conf debian stuff
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrAdded some radeon register definitions
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrAdd support for mask<<shift field definitions
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrAdd changelog entry for bit numbering change
2009-11-12 Jeremy KerrBe a little more flexible with order strings
2 years ago master