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discover: Use device_handler_status_dev_* for device-specific status
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2016-10-19 Arthur Heymansutils: Rename 30-dtb_updates to 30-dtb-updates
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasutils/hooks: Rename 30-add-offb to 30-dtb-updates v1.3.0
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-JonasConsolidate petitboot,tty and petitboot,console
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-JonasUse 'consoles' instead of 'tty' to refer to interfaces
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasutils: Always pass MAC address in pb-udhcpc
2016-08-08 Jeremy Kerrhooks/set-stdout: move hook to after automatic stdout... v1.2.2
2016-08-08 Jeremy Kerrhooks/add-offb: Add leading slash to HVC node paths
2016-08-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Add 'sync' user event
2016-06-29 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasutils/hooks: Set linux,stdout-path for primary console v1.2.0
2016-05-24 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasutils: Add diagnostic script v1.1.0
2016-05-06 Samuel Mendoza-Jonaspb-event: Add 'boot' user event
2016-05-06 Samuel Mendoza-Jonaspb-console: Reduce kernel log output before starting UI
2016-02-25 Sam Mendoza-Jonasutils/hooks: Write offb device address to device tree
2015-09-11 Samuel Mendoza-JonasMerge branch 'pb-plugin' into master
2015-09-11 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Don't execute metadata files
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Fix invalid command reference
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-console: Always add plugins directory to PATH
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Add lint command
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Implement plugin ABI versioning
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Only require a fixed plugin extension, inste...
2015-08-27 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Move plugin wrappers to a separate dir
2015-08-21 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Keep chroot persistent, and create wrapper...
2015-08-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Add disable param for dm-snapshots
2015-08-07 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Update to chroot-style plugins
2015-06-26 Jeremy KerrMerge remote-tracking rbanch sammj/master
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza-Jonaspetitboot: Implement ordered boot options
2015-04-14 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: establish PATH before running pb...
2015-04-14 Jeremy KerrMerge remote-tracking branch 'sammj/master'
2015-03-27 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-plugin: Add pb-plugin script
2014-08-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add debug flag to config
2014-08-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use platform code to read sysinfo type and...
2014-08-05 Jeremy Kerrutils: Add pb-config utility
2014-08-01 Jeremy Kerrautotools: Use non-recursive make
2014-05-19 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: use a linux termcap entry for local...
2014-04-07 Jeremy Kerrlog: Allow runtime selection of 'debug' log level
2014-02-14 Jeremy Kerrutils: Add all hooks to Makefile
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrutils/hooks: Add dtb-sort hook
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcpc: Unify references to DHCP bootfile...
2014-01-20 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcpc: Fix incorrect reference to $interface
2014-01-20 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcpc: remove bashism when reading mac address
2014-01-17 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Support DHCP "pathprefix" configuration option
2014-01-15 Jeremy Kerrutils: Add boot hook to set stdout property on DT machines
2013-12-18 Jeremy Kerrconfigure: Use AC_GNU_SOURCE
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use pxeconffile for udhcpc option name
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: Exit after running getty in detached...
2013-11-14 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: reset after UI exit
2013-11-06 Neelesh Guptadiscover: Change parsers to explicitly request configur...
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/sysinfo: Add helper script to populate sysinfo...
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcp: Don't add a new option on renew
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrpb-udhcpc: use plain kernel names for dhcp events
2013-09-06 Jeremy Kerrpb-udhcpc: Fix string returned from resolve_url
2013-07-23 Jeremy Kerrpb-udhcp: Fix MAC-address-based configuration file...
2013-07-23 Jeremy Kerrpb-udhcp: PXE fixes
2013-07-23 Jeremy Kerrpb-console: Read /etc/environment and /etc/locale
2013-06-24 Jeremy Kerrutils/hooks: Add sample update-dtb hook.
2013-06-24 Jeremy Kerrutils/hooks: Add create-dtb hook
2013-06-24 Jeremy Kerrutils: Add busybox reboot script
2013-05-20 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: use getty rather than exec
2013-05-20 Jeremy Kerrutils/pbconsole: Use here-document for usage text
2013-05-19 Geoff Levandutil/pb-console: Packaging updates
2013-05-15 Jeremy Kerrutils/Makefile: pb-console is dist_
2013-05-09 Jeremy Kerrutils: Add pb-console util
2013-05-09 Jeremy Kerrpb-udhcpc: Look for more boot options
2013-05-09 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcpc: Use command-line format of pb-event
2013-05-09 Jeremy Kerrpb-event: move send code to a separate function
2013-05-09 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-event: handle event data on command line
2013-05-07 Jeremy KerrMakefiles: remove -I$(includedir)
2013-05-04 Geoff Levanddiscover: Remove unused 99-petitboot.rules file
2013-04-10 Jeremy Kerrpb-udhcpc: Fix generation of TFTP URLs
2012-10-16 Geoff LevandConvert echo to printf in scripts
2012-03-10 Geoff LevandAdd logrotate.conf
2012-03-09 Geoff LevandLog file cleanups
2012-02-24 Geoff LevandMove installed programs from bin to sbin
2012-02-12 Geoff LevandFixups for 'make dist'
2012-02-12 Geoff LevandInclude util files in 'make install'
2012-02-12 Geoff LevandAdd new file kboot.conf.sample
2012-02-12 Geoff LevandRename udhcpc to pb-udhcpc
2012-02-12 Geoff LevandConvert build to use automake
2011-10-30 Geoff Levandpb-event: Add help message
2009-06-30 Geoff LevandAdd udhcpc utility script
2009-06-30 Geoff LevandAdd pb-event helper utility
2009-03-30 Geoff LevandFix udev rule
2009-02-01 Geoff LevandUpdate udev rule for socket
2008-12-06 Geoff LevandRemove unneded kboot patch
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrRename udev-helper to petitboot-udev-helper
2007-12-20 Jeremy KerrFix path in udev rule example
2007-09-12 Jeremy KerrUpdate ps3-kboot patch
2007-08-23 Jeremy KerrAdd ps3 controller support
2007-06-27 Jeremy KerrResolve device paths in kernel and initrd locations.
2007-06-27 Jeremy KerrUse --disable-x11 for configuring libtwin in kboot.
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrAdd petitboot utilities