discover/device-handler: Prevent normal users changing boot target
[petitboot] / discover / device-handler.c
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Prevent normal users changing...
2018-11-29 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Display warning if saving config fails
2018-11-16 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Reset console options on boot
2018-08-28 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Restore autoboot setting on...
2018-08-28 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Let 'boot' user-event boot by name
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover: Add some debug print messages
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandlib/log: Switch to pb_log_fn
2018-07-10 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Support IPv6 addresses
2018-07-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Implement F10-F12 for autoboot device control
2018-07-10 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/handler: Implement temporary autoboot messages
2018-07-10 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/handler: Split autoboot matching into a new...
2018-07-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: implement a periodic requery for network...
2018-06-12 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Rescan SCSI devices on reinit
2018-03-07 Joel Stanleydiscover: Fix bad check of version string
2018-02-12 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Treat empty boot order as...
2018-01-10 Geoff Levandprintf: Fix format type warnings
2017-12-12 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/pxe-parser: Fix relative parsing for manual...
2017-10-11 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Fallback to device if snapshot... v1.6.1
2017-08-23 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Disable safe mode warning...
2017-08-22 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Update env vars at init and suppress LVM...
2017-08-15 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Be ready for user events earlier
2017-08-15 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Handle plugin install request
2017-08-15 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Scan devices for plugins
2017-08-15 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Handle and track plugin_options
2017-07-13 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Mention booting device in...
2017-07-11 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Wait for net interfaces to be marked ready
2017-07-11 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Allow process_url request...
2017-07-11 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/paths: Add network jobs to queue
2017-07-11 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/sysinfo: Add system_info_reinit()
2017-06-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Include makedev() from sysmacros.h
2017-03-15 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Track both configured and current autoboot...
2017-01-31 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasprocess: Cancel all asynchronous jobs on reinit v1.4.1
2017-01-31 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Cancel pending boot on reinit
2017-01-31 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Process queue after device...
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Maintain a backlog of status updates
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Add aggregated download progre...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: Be more specific about DHCP event...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: remove completion messages
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: add handler reference to struct discover_context
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use device_handler_status_dev_* for device...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add device-specific status reporting functions
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: use helpers for status reporting
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add helpers for status reporting
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: separate status-reporting function from boot...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrtypes: Remove detail and progress from struct status
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrtypes: shorten boot_status definitions
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Pass UUID to discover_device_create()
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Deprecate 'conf' user event
2016-09-01 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/event: Ensure event struct exists for async...
2016-08-26 tpearson@raptoreng... Add support for GPG signature enforcement on booted
2016-08-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Add 'sync' user event
2016-07-14 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Remove default option if devic... v1.2.1
2016-07-14 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Ignore options without kernel
2016-06-28 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/pxe-parser: Retrieve configs asynchronously
2016-06-28 Samuel Mendoza-JonasUpdate tests to support changes to pxe_parser
2016-06-28 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Make boot_status() public
2016-05-24 Samuel Mendoza-JonasExtend the "add url" function to allow file:// URLs
2016-04-13 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Perform pre-boot steps when timeout expires
2016-03-22 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Attempt to retry failed mounts
2016-02-09 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Release process resources on error
2016-02-09 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Handle BTRFS root subvolumes
2015-12-18 Nishanth Aravamudandiscover: extend URL in UI to support auto-discovery
2015-12-18 Sam Mendoza-JonasMerge pull request #11 from open-power/coverity
2015-12-17 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Properly handle return values
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: status messages shouldn't have a trailing...
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add translation comments for status messages
2015-09-15 Samuel Mendoza-JonasFix certain calls to gettext
2015-09-11 Samuel Mendoza-JonasMerge branch 'pb-plugin' into master
2015-09-10 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Allow fs recovery if snapshot available
2015-08-31 Samuel Mendoza-JonasRecognise storage devices on USB bus
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza-JonasMake read-only guarantee user-settable
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Mount snapshots for all eligible disk devices
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Keep track of available ramdisk devices
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Ensure destroy_device is called on reinit
2015-06-26 Jeremy KerrMerge remote-tracking rbanch sammj/master
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Fix whitespace in discover_handler_conf
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Display devices currently being parsed
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza-Jonaspetitboot: Implement ordered boot options
2015-04-14 Jeremy KerrMerge remote-tracking branch 'sammj/master'
2015-03-26 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Mount with norecovery, avoid rw mount of...
2015-02-16 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/platform: rename finalise_config hook
2014-12-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Integrate ipmi bootdev settings into the...
2014-12-03 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/pxe: Format IPAPPEND mac addresses correctly
2014-09-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/platform: Add finalise_config_hook
2014-09-04 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Reject ADD_URL actions without configured...
2014-08-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add missing include
2014-07-28 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Enable 'url' pb-events
2014-07-28 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use translated strings for boot status messages
2014-07-28 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add setlocale calls in discover server
2014-07-28 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Only update our config if the config_set...
2014-07-22 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add safe mode
2014-07-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: check config.boot_device before setting a...
2014-07-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: allow separate lifetimes for network interfac...
2014-07-16 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: place countdown earlier in boot status messages
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrprotocol: expose discovery reinit over client/server...
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: add reinit path
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: move device sources to the device handler
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Call mount syscall directly
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use ID_FS_TYPE property for filesystem type...
2014-03-07 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Print error message on mount failure