discover: don't retry mount without ro option
[petitboot] / discover /
2014-03-07 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: don't retry mount without ro option
2014-03-06 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: fix return value for discover_device_get_param
2014-03-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: Separate block-specific udev discovery
2014-02-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/pxe: pxe parser should only treat "::" paths...
2014-02-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/pxe: Fix prefix autodetection when bootfile...
2014-02-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/pxe: Add pxelinux.cfg/ directory to autodiscov...
2014-02-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Fix incorrect static DNS servers...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrplatforms/powerpc: Add support for OPAL sysparams
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add DEVICE_TYPE_ANY for matching any device
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Make boot_priorities more flexible
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Use platform definition for DHCP...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrplatforms/powerpc: Check for a powerpc platform in...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrpb-config: Move config storage modules to "platform...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add support for for-loops
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Perform word-expansion non-destructively
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add support for checking directories in parse...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: skip menuentries that don't define...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub: Add feature variable for --id support.
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Use script_env_set when initialising...
2014-01-22 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use lowercase hex chars for MAC-address-based...
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrlib/process: Add helper for check process clean exit
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/paths: Check process exit status when loading...
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcpc: Unify references to DHCP bootfile...
2014-01-17 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Send DHCP client architecture type
2014-01-17 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Support DHCP "pathprefix" configuration option
2014-01-17 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't rely on ctx->conf_url side-effect in...
2014-01-17 Ben Stoltzdiscover/grub: Use --id values for default option detection
2014-01-17 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Bring down configured interfaces on discover...
2014-01-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: we need stderr for the BusyBox TFTP type...
2014-01-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/yaboot: Remove known_names list
2014-01-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/yaboot: Clear globals_done when we see an...
2014-01-13 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: Set device type for optical media correctly
2013-12-18 Jeremy Kerrconfigure: Use AC_GNU_SOURCE
2013-12-18 Jeremy Kerrsysinfo: Add interface link status to sysinfo data
2013-12-10 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/yaboot: Fix assertion failure on empty yaboot...
2013-12-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Copy local paths before running boot...
2013-12-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Fix condition for updating boot params
2013-12-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: Use UUIDs for multipath check
2013-12-03 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Fixes for bison 3.x
2013-12-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Fix CDROM handling
2013-12-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/device-handler: Ensure we free unresolved...
2013-12-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: copy dev->device path from udev devnode
2013-11-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Populate $prefix from config file location
2013-11-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Use parser for a single parse
2013-11-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Fix free in load_env command
2013-11-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Fix indentation error
2013-11-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add support for -s and -f commands
2013-11-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: In static config mode, only configure...
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: populate sysinfo with block devices
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use pxeconffile for udhcpc option name
2013-11-18 Geoff Levandautomake: Fixups for maintainer-clean
2013-11-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use mkstemp rather than tempnam
2013-11-13 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Handle incoming configuration messages
2013-11-13 Jeremy Kerrconfig: Implement config messages
2013-11-13 Jeremy Kerrlib/types: use unsigned int for interface, dns and...
2013-11-13 Jeremy Kerrlib: consolidate util macros in util/util.h
2013-11-13 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Fix potentially-uninitialised variables
2013-11-06 Neelesh Guptadiscover: Change parsers to explicitly request configur...
2013-11-06 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allocate contexts with talloc_zero
2013-11-01 Jeremy Kerrlogging: Clean up debug logs
2013-11-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Allow for arbitrary-sized netlink...
2013-10-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/file: Fix invalid free in replace_file
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: cleanup allocated data
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/file: Fix invalid free vs talloc_free
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Ensure dns config buffer contains...
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/parser: free parsers on exit
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/sysinfo: Fix talloc against uninitialised...
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Clean lexer.[ch]
2013-10-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't free clients on write failure
2013-10-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allow an in-progress boot to be cancelled
2013-10-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add load_url_cancel
2013-10-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Allow URL resources
2013-10-10 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allow device_handler_boot with no option
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: remove register_parser printf
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/sysinfo: Add helper script to populate sysinfo...
2013-10-09 Jeremy KerrAdd system info messages
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: dup property values returned from udev
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/device-handler: Fix use-after-free when unmounting
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't call config_set_autoboot before config_init
2013-10-04 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Fix uninitialised yylineno
2013-10-04 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement save_env command
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement load_env
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: strdup strings used in the environment
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add default prefix
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add device_{request,release}_write
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add parser_request_file
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add test_data member to struct discover_context
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't continue discovery if mount fails
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allow for already-mounted devices
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Clean up error-handling for grub2 parse...
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/resource: create_url_resource should take...
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/paths: Check local file URLs in load_url
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Log boot status updates
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Download resources in parallel
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add struct load_url_result and load_task
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't depend on tftp failure for type detection
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Store clean_* in the boot task
2013-09-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Check for failed loads in boot()
2013-09-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: load_url_async callback should take an int...
2013-09-25 Neelesh Guptadiscover/boot: Implement asynchronous boot() process