ui/ncurses: Display IP address in nc-sysinfo
[petitboot] / discover /
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Record IP address of network interfaces
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Maintain a backlog of status updates
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/paths: Announce download completion
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/paths: Parse Busybox progress information
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Add aggregated download progre...
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/paths: Add stdout callback parameter for load_...
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/boot: Improve kexec error reporting
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: Add status messages for payload downlo...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: Use full URL in parse status message
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: Add parse status for GRUB2, yaboot...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: make boot status calls more consistent
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: report on PXE download failures
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: report attempts at PXE configuration...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: Be more specific about DHCP event...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: report status on link configuration
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: remove completion messages
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add reference to url in load_url_result
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: add handler reference to struct discover_context
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use device_handler_status_dev_* for device...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add device-specific status reporting functions
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: use helpers for status reporting
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add helpers for status reporting
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: separate status-reporting function from boot...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrtypes: Remove detail and progress from struct status
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrtypes: shorten boot_status definitions
2016-11-24 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/platform-powerpc: Reject bootdevs with empty...
2016-11-24 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/platform-powerpc: Deprecate petitboot,bootdev...
2016-11-24 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/platform-powerpc: Remove unused max_partition_size
2016-11-24 Samuel Mendoza-JonasSupport HTTP(S) proxies when downloading resources
2016-10-11 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/pxe-parser: Parse only the first config v1.3.1
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-JonasConsolidate petitboot,tty and petitboot,console
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-JonasUse 'consoles' instead of 'tty' to refer to interfaces
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Avoid writing network overrides to NVRAM
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/network: Add find_interface_by_uuid
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Pass UUID to discover_device_create()
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Deprecate 'conf' user event
2016-09-01 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/event: Ensure event struct exists for async...
2016-08-26 tpearson@raptoreng... Add encrypted file support
2016-08-26 tpearson@raptoreng... Add support for GPG signature enforcement on booted
2016-08-23 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/network: Ignore tun devices v1.2.3
2016-08-19 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/boot: Always pass --append to kexec
2016-08-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Add 'sync' user event
2016-07-14 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Remove default option if devic... v1.2.1
2016-07-14 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/network: Mark interfaces configured once confi...
2016-07-14 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/platform-powerpc: Use IPMI on BMC-based machin...
2016-07-14 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Ignore options without kernel
2016-06-29 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/boot: Set boot_tty variable before kexec
2016-06-29 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Add petitboot,tty and track available consoles
2016-06-28 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/pxe-parser: Retrieve configs asynchronously
2016-06-28 Samuel Mendoza-JonasUpdate tests to support changes to pxe_parser
2016-06-28 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Make boot_status() public
2016-06-16 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/platform-powerpc: Return bootdev error correctly v1.1.1
2016-05-24 Samuel Mendoza-JonasExtend the "add url" function to allow file:// URLs
2016-05-24 Oliver O'Halloranpb-discover: add dtb support for PXE config
2016-05-06 Samuel Mendoza-Jonaspb-event: Add 'boot' user event
2016-04-26 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/platform-powerpc: Zero-pad BMC aux-version v1.0.1
2016-04-26 Alan Dunndiscover/grub2: Do not set $0 in functions
2016-04-26 Alan DunnAllow evaluation of arbitrarily-positioned arguments...
2016-04-20 Andrew DonnellanFix sparse warnings
2016-04-13 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/udev: Don't call udev_set_log_fn()
2016-04-13 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Perform pre-boot steps when timeout expires
2016-04-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/devmapper: Read device size from sysfs
2016-04-05 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasconfigure.ac: Add checks for libflash and libdevmapper
2016-04-01 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/grub2: Ignore sign-compare warning for generat...
2016-03-23 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Respect persistent flag for network overrides v1.0.0
2016-03-22 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/device-handler: Attempt to retry failed mounts
2016-03-22 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/boot: Safely cleanup after failed load
2016-03-15 Alan Dunndiscover/grub2: Fix handling of positional parameters
2016-03-15 Alan DunnChange parser interface to allow stat
2016-03-15 Alan DunnIn GRUB2 parser save_env, treat unset variable value...
2016-02-26 Sam Mendoza-JonasUse 'Primary' instead of 'Current' for flash sides
2016-02-25 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Include leading zero in firmware version...
2016-02-25 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Add support for IPMI network override
2016-02-10 Sam Mendoza-JonasRetrieve BMC version info via IPMI
2016-02-09 Samuel Mendoza-JonasDisplay VERSION partition info on BMC machines
2016-02-09 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Print IPMI bootdev response for debug
2016-02-09 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/grub: Fix handling of empty strings
2016-02-09 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Release process resources on error
2016-02-09 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Handle BTRFS root subvolumes
2016-02-08 Alan Dunndiscover/grub2: Fix behavior of save_env -f
2015-12-18 Nishanth Aravamudandiscover: extend URL in UI to support auto-discovery
2015-12-18 Nishanth Aravamudanui: add URL for static configurations to load a specifi...
2015-12-18 Sam Mendoza-JonasMerge pull request #11 from open-power/coverity
2015-12-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Set umask before mkstemp()
2015-12-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Null-terminate buffer in user_event_process()
2015-12-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Add two missing talloc_free()s
2015-12-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Skip malformed bootdev fields
2015-12-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Fix dead code in udev_handle_cdrom_events()
2015-12-17 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Use snprintf() when building sysparam path
2015-12-17 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Properly handle return values
2015-12-17 Sam Mendoza-JonasMerge pull request #10 from themoken/master
2015-12-15 Jack MillerAdd BMC interface MAC to system info output
2015-09-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/ipmi: Increase IPMI timeout to a reasonable...
2015-09-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/ipmi: Use advisory locking on ipmi device
2015-09-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/devmapper: Use explicit 64-bit types for secto...
2015-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Set default language
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: status messages shouldn't have a trailing...
2015-09-18 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add translation comments for status messages
2015-09-15 Samuel Mendoza-JonasFix certain calls to gettext
2015-09-11 Samuel Mendoza-JonasMerge branch 'pb-plugin' into master