descriptionkexec-based bootloader
ownerSam Mendoza-Jonas
last changeMon, 18 Jun 2018 00:56:33 +0000 (10:56 +1000)
2 days ago Javier Martinez... discover/grub: Improve BLS grub environment variables... master
2 days ago Javier Martinez... discover/grub: Use different paths to search for the...
2 days ago Javier Martinez... test/parser: Make parser_scandir() ignore files with...
8 days ago Brett Grandboisdiscover/syslinux-parser: consistent cmdline arg processing
8 days ago Brett Grandboislib/security: hard_lockdown flag to stop runtime disabl...
8 days ago Samuel Mendoza... discover/network: Null terminate ifname buffer explicitly
8 days ago Samuel Mendoza... discover: Rescan SCSI devices on reinit
8 days ago Brandon BergrenFix pb-discover segfaults caused by list corruption.
2018-05-30 Brett Grandboistest/lib: Add OpenSSL verify and decrypt tests
2018-05-30 Brett Grandboisui/ncurses: Update LOCKDOWN_FILE check to reflect gener...
2018-05-30 Brett Grandboisdiscover: Update to reflect generic signed boot API
2018-05-30 Brett Grandboislib/security: add in openssl support
2018-05-30 Brett Grandboisconfigure: Add signed-boot openssl configuration support
2018-05-29 Samuel Mendoza... po: Regenerate and update bug contact v1.8.0
2018-05-23 Geoff Levanddocker/build-pb: Add --interactive flag
2018-05-23 Geoff Levanddocker: Add DOCKER_FROM arg
3 weeks ago v1.8.0 Tag petitboot-v1.8.0
3 months ago v1.7.1 Tag petitboot-v1.7.1
3 months ago v1.7.0 Tag petitboot-v1.7.0
6 months ago v1.6.6 Tag petitboot-v1.6.6
6 months ago v1.6.5 Tag petitboot-v1.6.5
6 months ago v1.6.4 Tag petitboot-v1.6.4
7 months ago v1.6.3 Tag petitboot-v1.6.3
7 months ago v1.6.2 Tag petitboot-v1.6.2
8 months ago v1.6.1 Tag petitboot-v1.6.1
8 months ago v1.4.4 Tag petitboot-v1.4.4
9 months ago v1.6.0 Tag petitboot-v1.6.0
9 months ago v1.5.2 Tag petitboot-v1.5.2
10 months ago v1.5.1 Tag petitboot-v1.5.1
11 months ago v1.5.0 Tag petitboot-v1.5.0
11 months ago v1.4.3 Tag petitboot-v1.4.3
15 months ago v1.4.2 Tag petitboot-v1.4.2
2 days ago master
6 months ago petitboot-1.6.x
8 months ago petitboot-1.4.x
9 months ago petitboot-1.5.x
18 months ago petitboot-1.2.x