descriptionkexec-based bootloader
ownerSam Mendoza-Jonas
last changeThu, 13 Dec 2018 00:26:17 +0000 (11:26 +1100)
5 days ago Samuel Mendoza... discover/devmapper: Retry dm-device remove if busy master v1.10.0
5 days ago Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add option to clear IPMI boot mailbox
5 days ago Samuel Mendoza... utils: Add helper to send mailbox request
5 days ago Samuel Mendoza... discover/platform-powerpc: read bootdev config from...
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Keep track of the default boot option
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add nc-auth and authenticate when required.
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/common: Client authentication helpers
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Simplify starting shell
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... discover/platform-powerpc: Read and write password...
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... discover/device-handler: Prevent normal users changing...
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... discover/discover-server: Restrict clients based on uid
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... lib/pb-protocol: Add PB_PROTOCOL_ACTION_AUTHENTICATE
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... lib/crypt: Add helpers for operating on /etc/shadow
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Ignore SIGINT
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Set up controlling terminal
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-sos: Don't create files in root by default
5 days ago v1.10.0 Tag petitboot-v1.10.0
4 weeks ago v1.9.2 Tag petitboot-v1.9.2
3 months ago v1.7.3 Tag petitboot-v1.7.3
3 months ago v1.9.1 Tag petitboot-v1.9.1
4 months ago v1.9.0 Tag petitboot-v1.9.0
4 months ago v1.7.2 Tag petitboot-v1.7.2
6 months ago v1.8.0 Tag petitboot-v1.8.0
9 months ago v1.7.1 Tag petitboot-v1.7.1
9 months ago v1.7.0 Tag petitboot-v1.7.0
12 months ago v1.6.6 Tag petitboot-v1.6.6
12 months ago v1.6.5 Tag petitboot-v1.6.5
12 months ago v1.6.4 Tag petitboot-v1.6.4
13 months ago v1.6.3 Tag petitboot-v1.6.3
13 months ago v1.6.2 Tag petitboot-v1.6.2
14 months ago v1.6.1 Tag petitboot-v1.6.1
14 months ago v1.4.4 Tag petitboot-v1.4.4
5 days ago master
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