descriptionkexec-based bootloader
ownerSam Mendoza-Jonas
last changeFri, 21 Jun 2019 03:42:20 +0000 (13:42 +1000)
2019-06-21 Javier Martinez... discover/grub2: Allow to separate the --id argument... master v1.10.4
2019-06-21 Javier Martinez... discover/grub2: Allow using title for default even...
2019-06-07 Samuel Mendoza... travis: Publish sphinx docs to Github pages
2019-06-07 Samuel Mendoza... doc: Start writing some in-tree documentation
2019-06-07 Samuel Mendoza... Remove outdated TODO file
2019-06-07 Samuel Mendoza... utils: Optionally run utilities as root
2019-05-30 Samuel Mendoza... utils: Quote plugin name and vendor variables
2019-05-30 Samuel Mendoza... Various fixups and checks to make scan-build happy
2019-04-01 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Use -m to run shell in own process... v1.10.3
2019-03-26 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add prompt for LUKS device password
2019-03-26 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Recognise and open LUKS encrypted partitions
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... lib: Add AUTH_MSG_DECRYPT
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... lib/process: Add option to pipe to process stdin
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... lib/system: Add cryptsetup utility
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Trap SIGTERM on boot v1.10.2
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... Include leading 'v' from git describe
3 months ago v1.10.4 Tag petitboot-v1.10.4
6 months ago v1.10.3 Tag petitboot-v1.10.3
7 months ago v1.10.2 Tag petitboot-v1.10.2
8 months ago v1.10.1 Tag petitboot-v1.10.1
8 months ago v1.7.5 Tag petitboot-v1.7.5
9 months ago v1.7.4 Tag petitboot-v1.7.4
10 months ago v1.10.0 Tag petitboot-v1.10.0
11 months ago v1.9.2 Tag petitboot-v1.9.2
13 months ago v1.7.3 Tag petitboot-v1.7.3
13 months ago v1.9.1 Tag petitboot-v1.9.1
14 months ago v1.9.0 Tag petitboot-v1.9.0
14 months ago v1.7.2 Tag petitboot-v1.7.2
16 months ago v1.8.0 Tag petitboot-v1.8.0
19 months ago v1.7.1 Tag petitboot-v1.7.1
19 months ago v1.7.0 Tag petitboot-v1.7.0
22 months ago v1.6.6 Tag petitboot-v1.6.6
4 months ago master
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22 months ago petitboot-1.6.x
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