descriptionkexec-based bootloader
ownerSam Mendoza-Jonas
last changeTue, 12 Dec 2017 05:15:59 +0000 (16:15 +1100)
3 days ago Samuel Mendoza... discover/pxe-parser: Fix relative parsing for manual... master
2017-11-30 Daniel AxtensTest with .travis.yml
2017-11-30 Daniel AxtensUse --no-location instead of --add-location=never
2017-11-30 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Always cancel autoboot on exit
2017-11-21 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Handle arrow key variants
2017-11-21 Cyril Burdiscover/pxe-parser: Fine grained proxy control
2017-11-21 Cyril BurBetter recognition of ncurses header files
2017-11-20 Cyril BurFix bootstrap warning: noinst_PROGRAMS was already...
2017-11-20 Cyril Fix unmatched brackets
2017-11-14 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Safely handle lost terminal control commands v1.6.3
2017-11-03 Cyril BurAdd root .gitignore
2017-10-26 Samuel Mendoza... discover/platform-powerpc: Increase IPMI timeout v1.6.2
2017-10-12 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Remove help shortcut from nc-subset
2017-10-11 Samuel Mendoza... discover/device-handler: Fallback to device if snapshot... v1.6.1
2017-10-11 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Display multibyte strings correctly in...
2017-10-04 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Spawn shell in exit handler
23 hours ago v1.6.6 Tag petitboot-v1.6.6
2 weeks ago v1.6.5 Tag petitboot-v1.6.5
3 weeks ago v1.6.4 Tag petitboot-v1.6.4
4 weeks ago v1.6.3 Tag petitboot-v1.6.3
7 weeks ago v1.6.2 Tag petitboot-v1.6.2
2 months ago v1.6.1 Tag petitboot-v1.6.1
2 months ago v1.4.4 Tag petitboot-v1.4.4
3 months ago v1.6.0 Tag petitboot-v1.6.0
3 months ago v1.5.2 Tag petitboot-v1.5.2
4 months ago v1.5.1 Tag petitboot-v1.5.1
5 months ago v1.5.0 Tag petitboot-v1.5.0
5 months ago v1.4.3 Tag petitboot-v1.4.3
9 months ago v1.4.2 Tag petitboot-v1.4.2
10 months ago v1.4.1 Tag petitboot-v1.4.1
11 months ago v1.4.0 Tag petitboot-v1.4.0
12 months ago v1.3.2 Tag petitboot-v1.3.2
27 hours ago petitboot-1.6.x
3 days ago master
2 months ago petitboot-1.4.x
3 months ago petitboot-1.5.x
12 months ago petitboot-1.2.x