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2014-07-16 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: place countdown earlier in boot status messages
2014-07-16 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/pxe-parser: Remove unnecessary semicolon
2014-07-16 Jeremy Kerrm4: Add ncurses autoconf macros
2014-07-16 Jeremy Kerrversion.sh: Use git tags in versions
2014-07-16 Jeremy Kerrversion.sh: Unify version generation
2014-07-16 Jeff Baileyautotools: Make petitboot autoreconfable
2014-07-16 Jeff Baileyautotools: Don't require custom automake options
2014-06-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: leave udhcpc processes running
2014-06-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/platform-powerpc: Don't rely on NVRAM working
2014-06-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Fix incorrect udhcpc command if we...
2014-06-05 Jeremy Kerrgrub2: fix empty file handling
2014-06-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/paths: Fix wget command with https and !DEBUG
2014-05-22 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: don't free cancelled load tasks
2014-05-19 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: use a linux termcap entry for local...
2014-05-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover,ui: fix checks for debug option
2014-04-23 Jeff Baileydiscover/yaboot: support lilo & silo for x86 and Sparc.
2014-04-22 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: only cancel default boot on valid key events
2014-04-17 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: NULL return from udev_enumerate_get_list...
2014-04-17 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: fix double free on udev_init failures
2014-04-16 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Always provide a key definition for backtab
2014-04-16 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Use a fixed-sized for small, known-length...
2014-04-16 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Fix uninitialised var warnings
2014-04-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Ensure boot option labels are displayable...
2014-04-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Fix discover_client leak
2014-04-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: unpost ncurses menu in pmenu cleanup path
2014-04-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Use pmenu_item destrutor to free ncurses...
2014-04-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Separate menu item creation & initialisatio...
2014-04-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Don't use menu offsets for user item numbers
2014-04-08 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Remove pmenu_item_replace
2014-04-08 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Don't free item in pmenu_item_setup
2014-04-07 Jeremy Kerrlib/pb-protocol: fix deserialise of boot option priorities
2014-04-07 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: clear DNS server setting before appending...
2014-04-07 Jeremy Kerrlog: Allow runtime selection of 'debug' log level
2014-04-03 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: run udhcpc process in foreground...
2014-04-03 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Use tty name in default log filename
2014-04-03 Jeremy Kerrlib/process: Add debug on process kill
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: flush addresses when bringing an...
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add menu option to restart discovery
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrui/common: associate boot options with devices
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrprotocol: expose discovery reinit over client/server...
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: add reinit path
2014-04-02 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: move device sources to the device handler
2014-04-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: duplicate devices aren't an error
2014-04-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: don't propagate non-fatal errors from...
2014-03-18 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Increase udev monitor buffer size
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrudev: use pb_log for device SKIP messages
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Call mount syscall directly
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use ID_FS_TYPE property for filesystem type...
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/powerpc: Invalidate next bootdev after reading
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/powerpc: Fix sysparams base path
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add debug output to sysparams parsing
2014-03-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Include boot priorities in configuration...
2014-03-07 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: Register udev monitor before enumerating...
2014-03-07 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Print error message on mount failure
2014-03-07 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: don't retry mount without ro option
2014-03-06 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: fix return value for discover_device_get_param
2014-03-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: Separate block-specific udev discovery
2014-03-03 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Ensure that the selected menu item is visible
2014-02-27 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Add pxe discovery tests
2014-02-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/pxe: pxe parser should only treat "::" paths...
2014-02-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/pxe: Fix prefix autodetection when bootfile...
2014-02-27 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/pxe: Add pxelinux.cfg/ directory to autodiscov...
2014-02-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Fix incorrect static DNS servers...
2014-02-20 Jeremy Kerrlib/process: Don't abort stdout reads on EINTR
2014-02-14 Jeremy Kerrutils: Add all hooks to Makefile
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Unify key bindings & key help text
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add help to boot editor screen
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add help to system configuration screen
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add help to sysinfo screen
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add help facility to text screens
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add help text to nc-menu & generic-main
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add support for help screens
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add text_screen_set_text()
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Abstract text-screen code from sysinfo...
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: do all config screen updates in config_scre...
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrlib/fold: Add text fold utility
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Use descriptive field labels for boot editor
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrplatforms/powerpc: Add support for OPAL sysparams
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add DEVICE_TYPE_ANY for matching any device
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Make boot_priorities more flexible
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Use platform definition for DHCP...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrplatforms/powerpc: Check for a powerpc platform in...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrpb-config: Move config storage modules to "platform...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrlib/pb-config: Add config_copy
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Add Fedora 20 ppc64 parser testcase
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add support for for-loops
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Perform word-expansion non-destructively
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add support for checking directories in parse...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: skip menuentries that don't define...
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub: Add feature variable for --id support.
2014-01-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Use script_env_set when initialising...
2014-01-23 Jeremy Kerrpb-config/powerpc: fix default option handling
2014-01-22 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use lowercase hex chars for MAC-address-based...
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrlib/process: Add helper for check process clean exit
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/paths: Check process exit status when loading...
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrutils/hooks: Add dtb-sort hook
2014-01-21 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcpc: Unify references to DHCP bootfile...
2014-01-20 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcpc: Fix incorrect reference to $interface
2014-01-20 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcpc: remove bashism when reading mac address
2014-01-17 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Send DHCP client architecture type