Minor fixes for make distcheck
[petitboot] / configure.ac
2018-03-23 Samuel Mendoza-JonasMinor fixes for make distcheck
2018-01-10 Geoff Levandconfigure: Update AC_PACKAGE_BUGREPORT
2018-01-10 Geoff Levandconfigure: Add check for lex, yacc
2017-11-20 Cyril Burconfigure.ac: Fix unmatched brackets
2017-10-04 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Spawn shell in exit handler
2017-08-15 Samuel Mendoza-JonasAdd pb-plugin and pb-exec to pb_system_apps
2017-07-11 Samuel Mendoza-Jonaslib/system: Add vgscan, vgchange utilities
2017-06-20 Daniel Blackconfigure.ac: correct name of device-mapper-devel for... v1.4.3
2016-12-20 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/paths: Parse Busybox progress information
2016-08-26 tpearson@raptoreng... Add support for GPG signature enforcement on booted
2016-04-13 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/udev: Don't call udev_set_log_fn()
2016-04-05 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasconfigure.ac: Add checks for libflash and libdevmapper
2016-02-25 Sam Mendoza-Jonasutils/hooks: Write offb device address to device tree
2016-02-09 Samuel Mendoza-JonasAdd --enable-mtd configure option
2014-08-05 Jeremy Kerrautomake: silence make output
2014-08-05 Jeremy Kerrautotools: Don't link udev into everything
2014-08-01 Jeremy Kerrautotools: Use non-recursive make
2014-08-01 Jeremy Kerrconfigure: don't put cpp flags in CFLAGS
2014-07-28 Jeremy KerrAdd gettext infrastructure
2014-07-16 Jeff Baileyautotools: Make petitboot autoreconfable
2012-02-12 Geoff LevandConvert build to use automake
2011-11-12 Geoff LevandAdd twin checks to configure
2011-11-12 Geoff LevandAdd va-copy check to configure.ac
2011-10-11 Geoff LevandUpdate maintainer
2009-07-09 Geoff LevandAdd generic CUI program
2009-06-30 Geoff LevandAdd PS3 ncurses CUI program
2009-06-30 Geoff LevandAdd pb-event helper utility
2009-06-30 Geoff LevandMove common system routines to lib
2009-03-23 Geoff LevandMakefile cleanups
2009-03-23 Geoff LevandHookup the --with-twin configure option
2009-02-21 Geoff Levandpetitboot: Add --with-twin config option
2009-02-01 Geoff LevandMove log to library
2009-02-01 Geoff LevandMove waiter to library
2009-01-05 Jeremy KerrAdd more -W flags to CFLAGS
2008-12-15 Jeremy KerrInitial support for multiple UIs
2008-12-09 Jeremy Kerrautoconfiscate