Merge branch 'rp-pppoe-error' of
[ppp.git] / pppd /
2017-03-18 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'rp-pppoe-error' of
2017-03-18 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'sys-to-errno-h' of
2017-03-18 Paul MackerrasMerge
2017-03-18 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'lr/linux-4.8' of
2017-01-09 Lubomir Rintelpppoe: include netinet/in.h before linux/in.h
2016-10-15 Stefan Nicklpppd: Provide error() implementation in pppoe-discovery
2016-08-23 Paul Mackerraspppd: allow use of arbitrary interface names
2016-08-10 Stefan NicklChange include from sys/errno.h to errno.h
2016-07-09 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'plog-usability' of
2016-03-16 YASUOKA MasahikoFix a typo in comment. Diff from Yuuichi Someya.
2015-08-14 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'send-padt-on-disconnect' of git://github...
2015-08-14 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'no-error-on-already-closed' of git:/...
2015-08-14 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-08-14 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'bug_fix' of git://
2015-08-14 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-08-14 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-14 Sylvain Rochetpppd: Fix ccp_cilen calculated size if both deflate_cor...
2015-08-14 Sylvain Rochetpppd: Fix ccp_options.mppe type
2015-08-14 Paul Mackerraspppd: ipxcp: Prevent buffer overrun on remote router...
2015-03-01 Simon FarnsworthSend PADT on PPPoE disconnect
2015-03-01 Simon FarnsworthSuppress false error message on PPPoE disconnect
2014-12-20 Philip A. Prindevillepppd: Fix sign-extension when displaying bytes in octal
2014-08-15 Natanael Copapppd: add support for defaultroute-metric option
2014-08-10 Martin von Gagernabort on errors in subdir builds
2014-08-09 Paul MackerrasUpdate README and patchlevel for 2.4.7 release ppp-2.4.7
2014-08-01 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-08-01 Paul Mackerraswinbind plugin: Add -DMPPE=1 to eliminate compiler...
2014-08-01 John Crispinpppd: Fix a stack variable overflow in MSCHAP-v2
2014-08-01 Paul Mackerraspppd: Eliminate memory leak with multiple instances...
2014-08-01 Paul Mackerraspppd: Eliminate potential integer overflow in option...
2014-08-01 Paul Mackerrasradius: Fix realms-config-file option
2014-03-09 Paul Mackerraspppd: Eliminate some unnecessary ifdefs
2014-03-09 Paul Mackerraspppd: Add declarations to eliminate compile warnings
2014-03-09 Benjamin Camapppol2tp: Connect up/down events to notifiers and add...
2014-03-09 Benjamin Camapppd: Separate IPv6 handling for sifup/sifdown
2014-02-18 Craig McQueenpppd: Add option "stop-bits" to set number of serial...
2014-01-02 Paul MackerrasUpdate README and patchlevel for 2.4.6 release
2014-01-02 Paul Mackerrasconfig: Update Solaris compiler options and enable...
2014-01-02 Bertram Felgenhauerpppd: Accept IPCP ConfAck packets containing MS-WINS...
2014-01-02 Paul Mackerraspppd: Don't crash if NULL pointer passed to vslprintf...
2013-06-10 Paul Mackerraschat, pppd: Use \e instead of \\ in man pages
2013-06-10 Vadim Zotovradius: Handle additional attributes
2013-06-09 Martin.Lottermoser... pppd: Fix segfault in update_db_entry()
2013-06-09 Paul Mackerraspppoatm: Remove explicit loading of pppoatm kernel...
2013-05-11 Adrian Banplugins/radius: Handle bindaddr keyword in radiusclient...
2013-03-11 Paul Mackerraspppd: Default exit status to EXIT_CONNECT_FAILED during...
2013-03-02 Paul Mackerraspppd: Add master_detach option
2013-03-02 Paul Mackerraspppd: Fix man page description of case when remote...
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerrasplugins/passprompt: Fix potential out-of-bounds array...
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraspppd: Fix spelling errors in man page
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraspppd: Arrange to use logwtmp from libutil on Linux
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraspppd: Take out unused %r conversion completely
2013-02-03 Charlie Bradyppp: ignore unrecognised radiusclient configuration...
2013-01-23 Paul Mackerraspppd: Clarify circumstances where DNS1/DNS2 environment...
2012-05-20 Paul Mackerrasrp-pppoe plugin: Import some fixes from rp-pppoe-3.10
2012-05-20 Paul Mackerraspppd: Eliminate some warnings
2012-05-20 Paul Mackerraspppd: Don't crash if crypt() returns NULL
2012-05-20 Paul Mackerraspppd: Enable IPV6 by default and fix some warnings
2012-05-20 Markus Beckerpppd: Notify IPv6 up/down as we do for IPv4
2012-05-20 Benjamin LaHaiserp-pppoe plugin: Print leading zeros in MAC address
2012-05-20 Deomid Ryabkovpppd: Make MSCHAP-v2 cope better with packet loss
2012-05-06 Paul Mackerraspppd: Don't unconditionally disable VJ compression...
2010-08-24 Simon Arlottrp-pppoe: allow MTU to be increased up to 1500
2010-08-23 James CarlsonFix quote handling in configuration files to be more...
2010-08-23 James CarlsonNit: use _exit when exec fails and restrict values...
2010-08-23 James CarlsonAdd set and reset options to control environment variab...
2010-03-07 Paul Mackerrasrp_pppoe: Copy acName and pppd_pppoe_service after...
2010-03-07 Paul Mackerraspppd: Terminate correctly if lcp_lowerup delayed callin...
2010-03-06 Ludwig NusselInstall pppol2tp plugins with sane permissions
2010-03-06 Ludwig NusselDocument +ipv6 and ipv6cp-accept-local
2009-11-16 Paul MackerrasUpdate README and patchlevel date for 2.4.5 release
2009-11-15 Paul MackerrasSpecify the device name on the default route deletion
2009-10-23 Paul MackerrasIncrease default IPCP Conf-Nak limit
2009-10-23 Marcus BetterAccept ms-wins settings provided by server
2009-08-26 Simon ArlottFix spelling of "Protocol"
2008-11-26 Paul MackerrasFix authentication on second time around with multilink...
2008-11-25 Damjan GeorgievskiFix compilation of pppd/session.c
2008-10-09 Maxime BizonFix build when libc doesn't have shadow password support
2008-09-06 Paul MackerrasUpdate for 2.4.5 release
2008-09-06 Paul MackerrasUpdate ppp_available and the no_ppp_msg message
2008-09-06 Paul MackerrasEnable printing of MS-CHAP and MS-CHAPv2 auth options...
2008-08-24 Paul MackerrasFix the argument type in call to MD5_Update properly
2008-08-19 Paul MackerrasSquish a few more char vs unsigned char warnings
2008-08-19 Paul MackerrasRemove various warnings, fix pppol2tp install
2008-08-18 Paul MackerrasFix build error in the rp-pppoe plugin
2008-08-18 Paul MackerrasRemove more stuff that we don't need to distribute
2008-07-27 Paul MackerrasRemove files that don't go into releases
2008-07-27 Paul MackerrasGet the repository a bit closer to what will be released
2008-07-01 Paul MackerrasClear hungup in start_link() instead of connect_tty()
2008-06-25 Paul MackerrasFix behaviour of maxoctets option when limit >= 2G
2008-06-23 Paul MackerrasRemove send/recv_config_pppoa
2008-06-23 Paul MackerrasMake the pppoatm plugin's Makefile honour INSTROOT
2008-06-23 Paul MackerrasOnly kill the whole process group if we have detached
2008-06-23 Paul MackerrasFlush the tty when welcomer or connector fails
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasRemoving hard-coded CC = gcc in a few Makefiles.
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd openl2tp plugin.
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd L2TP support.
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd the declaration of multilink_join_hook, missed...
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd multilink_join_hook, called when a links joins...
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasMake pppd use blank username/password when explicitly...