2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: remove IO_IDLE state.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: remove IO_NEXT state.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: initialize connection with an explicit I/O...
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: generic init function for listening connections.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: remove conn arg from io_plan constructors.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: pass struct io_plan explicitly.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: replace backend_set_state with backend_wakeup()
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: make enum io_state namespace-safe.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: use explicit IO callback functions, instead...
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: remove next & finish from union.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: put explicit poll flags in the plan.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: get rid of io_next(), pass callbacks directly.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: rename io_op to io_plan.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: timer support.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: check for all idle.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: io_duplex.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: benchmarks.
2013-10-14 Rusty Russellccan/io: new module.
2013-09-27 Rusty Russellcpuid: ccanlint fixes.
2013-09-27 Rusty RussellMerge branch 'cpuid' of
2013-09-26 Ahmed Samycpuid: parse CPU L1 cache and TLB identifications
2013-09-26 Ahmed Samycpuid: use uint32_t instead of int/unsigned
2013-09-25 Ahmed Samycpuid: small fix
2013-09-25 Ahmed Samycpuid: Minor improvements
2013-09-24 David Gibsonnet: Fix potential uninitialized use of variables in...
2013-09-23 Ahmed Samycpuid: only compile source file if x86 cpu
2013-09-23 Ahmed Samycpuid: prefix every function with cpuid_
2013-09-22 Ahmed Samycpuid: add 2 new functions + some more tests
2013-09-21 Ahmed Samycpuid: add proper documentation
2013-09-21 Ahmed Samycpuid: new module
2013-09-13 Rusty RussellMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-13 Rusty RussellAdd bitmap module to Makefile.
2013-09-13 Rusty RussellMerge
2013-09-12 Emilio G. Cotaheap: add example on empty heap check
2013-09-10 Emilio G. Cotaheap: new module
2013-09-09 Rusty Russellilog: reformat so webpage doesn't get confused.
2013-09-09 Rusty Russellilog: relicense to Public Domain.
2013-09-08 Rusty Russelltal: add tal_resizez for zero-padded expansion.
2013-09-08 Rusty Russellendian: add documentation on endian typedefs.
2013-09-08 Rusty Russellshort_types: update documentation on be32/le32 etc.
2013-09-08 Rusty Russellendian/short_types: sparse support.
2013-09-05 David Gibsonbitmap: Add helper macro to statically declare bitmaps
2013-09-05 David Gibsonbitmap: Rework to assume always multiple of words stora...
2013-09-05 David Gibsonbitmap: Rework types and sizing macros
2013-09-05 David Gibsonbitmap: Use a typesafe(ish) parameters instead of void *
2013-08-29 Rusty Russelllist: add list_next and list_prev helpers.
2013-08-22 David Gibsonbitmap: Add first cut at a bitmap module
2013-07-15 Volker Lendeckeccan: Fix calling memset with zero length parameter
2013-06-11 Rusty Russelltal/path: fix unset vars in error paths.
2013-05-27 Rusty Russellbreakpoint: new module.
2013-05-13 Rusty Russellendian: remove unnecessary _CONST postfixes.
2013-04-08 Rusty Russellendian: add constant versions.
2013-04-08 Rusty Russellendian: change license to CC0.
2013-04-05 Rusty Russelltimer: clean up.
2013-04-05 Rusty Russelltimer: increase default span to 5.
2013-04-05 Rusty Russelltimer: cache the minimal value.
2013-04-05 Rusty Russelltimers: implementation of lazily-ordered timers.
2013-04-04 Rusty RussellAdd Henry Eshbaugh's log module to junkcode for the...
2013-04-01 Rusty RussellMakefile: don't separate all modules with external...
2013-04-01 Rusty Russellnfs: add licenses into generated files.
2013-04-01 Rusty Russellccanlint: --deps-fail-ignore.
2013-04-01 Rusty Russellogg_to_pcm: fix compilation of example in _info.
2013-03-31 Rusty Russellccanlint: don't crash if given bad directory name.
2013-03-28 Peter HuttererAdd a set of simple version comparison helpers
2013-03-17 Rusty Russellnet: add server support.
2013-03-17 Rusty Russelllist: list_pop
2013-03-17 Rusty Russelllist: list_append_list / list_prepend_list
2013-03-17 Rusty Russellautodata: make note about not being generally useful...
2013-03-12 Tinggongiscsi, ttxml: fix warning [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
2013-03-11 Tinggongfailtest: fix warning [-Wformat]
2013-02-07 Rusty Russellnet: make tests more robust.
2013-02-07 Rusty Russellforeach: fix overzealous test.
2013-02-06 Andreas SchlickMakefile: Add hacks for the nested modules for make...
2013-02-02 Rusty RussellMerge commit 'add31d8'
2013-02-02 Riceball LEEsparse_bsearch: fixed the no ssize_t defined error.
2013-01-25 Ulrik Sverdrupsiphash: Use uint64_t directly, remove typedef
2013-01-25 Ulrik Sverdrupsiphash: Simplify helper function W64's signature
2013-01-25 Ulrik Sverdrupsiphash: Use ~7 correctly
2013-01-14 Ulrik Sverdrupsiphash: Write siphash_epilogue in nicer style
2013-01-14 Ulrik Sverdrupsiphash: Use simple but misalignment-correct implementa...
2013-01-14 Ulrik Sverdrupsiphash: A keyed hash designed by Aumasson and djb
2013-01-14 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix stack smash.
2013-01-14 Rusty Russelldgraph: add dgraph_check and CCAN_DGRAPH_DEBUG
2013-01-12 Rusty Russellccanlint: handle when _info doesn't compile.
2013-01-03 Rusty RussellMerge branch 'rfc822'
2013-01-03 Rusty Russellrfc822: switch to ccan/tal. origin/rfc822
2013-01-03 Rusty Russelltal/str: use tal/talloc backend #ifdef TAL_USE_TALLOC.
2013-01-03 Rusty Russellccanlint: ignore "unused" non-ccan dependencies.
2013-01-03 Rusty Russelltal/talloc: new module for backending tal onto talloc.
2012-12-17 Rusty Russelltal: don't automatically register cleanup function.
2012-12-17 Rusty Russellconfigurator: fix single-arg case.
2012-12-17 Rusty Russelltal: append the length property to the initial allocation.
2012-12-14 Rusty Russelltal: don't always allocate an array in the samba benchmark.
2012-12-14 Rusty Russelltal: fix skipping tal in samba-allocs benchmark.
2012-12-14 Rusty Russelltal: fix compilation of speed benchmark.
2012-12-07 Rusty Russellrfc822: fix sigaction test, wean off ccan-specific...
2012-12-07 Rusty Russellrfc822: beef up _info example.
2012-12-07 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix --compiler and --cflags options to apply...
2012-12-03 Rusty Russelltools: manifest.c should use path_canon.
2012-12-03 Rusty Russellccanlint: remove redundant num_lines in struct ccan_file.