2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraspppd: Fix spelling errors in man page
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraschat: Correct spelling errors in the man page
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraspppdump: Eliminate some compiler warnings
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraspppd: Arrange to use logwtmp from libutil on Linux
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraspppd: Take out unused %r conversion completely
2013-02-03 Charlie Bradyppp: ignore unrecognised radiusclient configuration...
2013-01-23 Paul Mackerraspppd: Clarify circumstances where DNS1/DNS2 environment...
2012-05-20 Paul Mackerrasrp-pppoe plugin: Import some fixes from rp-pppoe-3.10
2012-05-20 Paul Mackerraspppd: Eliminate some warnings
2012-05-20 Paul Mackerraspppd: Don't crash if crypt() returns NULL
2012-05-20 Peter Meisercontrib: Fix pppgetpass.gtk compilation
2012-05-20 Paul Mackerraspppd: Enable IPV6 by default and fix some warnings
2012-05-20 Markus Beckerpppd: Notify IPv6 up/down as we do for IPv4
2012-05-20 Benjamin LaHaiserp-pppoe plugin: Print leading zeros in MAC address
2012-05-20 Jason St. Johnscripts: Make poff ignore extra arguments to pppd
2012-05-20 Deomid Ryabkovpppd: Make MSCHAP-v2 cope better with packet loss
2012-05-20 Paul MackerrasRemove old version of Linux if_pppol2tp.h
2012-05-06 Paul Mackerraspppd: Don't unconditionally disable VJ compression...
2011-03-05 Paul Mackerraspppdump: Fix printfs with insufficient arguments
2010-09-11 Ashok Raochat: Allow TIMEOUT value to come from environment...
2010-08-24 Simon Arlottrp-pppoe: allow MTU to be increased up to 1500
2010-08-23 James CarlsonFix quote handling in configuration files to be more...
2010-08-23 James CarlsonNit: use _exit when exec fails and restrict values...
2010-08-23 James CarlsonAdd set and reset options to control environment variab...
2010-03-07 Paul Mackerrasrp_pppoe: Copy acName and pppd_pppoe_service after...
2010-03-07 Paul Mackerraspppd: Terminate correctly if lcp_lowerup delayed callin...
2010-03-06 Ludwig NusselInstall pppol2tp plugins with sane permissions
2010-03-06 Ludwig NusselDocument +ipv6 and ipv6cp-accept-local
2009-11-16 Paul MackerrasUpdate README and patchlevel date for 2.4.5 release
2009-11-15 Paul MackerrasSpecify the device name on the default route deletion
2009-10-23 Paul MackerrasIncrease default IPCP Conf-Nak limit
2009-10-23 Marcus BetterAccept ms-wins settings provided by server
2009-08-26 Simon ArlottFix spelling of "Protocol"
2008-11-26 Paul MackerrasFix authentication on second time around with multilink...
2008-11-25 Damjan GeorgievskiFix compilation of pppd/session.c
2008-10-09 Maxime BizonFix build when libc doesn't have shadow password support
2008-09-06 Paul MackerrasUpdate for 2.4.5 release
2008-09-06 Paul MackerrasUpdate ppp_available and the no_ppp_msg message
2008-09-06 Paul MackerrasEnable printing of MS-CHAP and MS-CHAPv2 auth options...
2008-09-06 Paul MackerrasUpdate READMEs etc. for the forthcoming ppp-2.4.5 release
2008-08-30 Paul MackerrasRemove old Linux kernel MPPE stuff
2008-08-24 Paul MackerrasFix the argument type in call to MD5_Update properly
2008-08-19 Paul MackerrasSquish a few more char vs unsigned char warnings
2008-08-19 Paul MackerrasRemove various warnings, fix pppol2tp install
2008-08-18 Paul MackerrasFix build error in the rp-pppoe plugin
2008-08-18 Paul MackerrasRemove more stuff that we don't need to distribute
2008-07-27 Paul MackerrasRemove files that don't go into releases
2008-07-27 Paul MackerrasGet the repository a bit closer to what will be released
2008-07-01 Paul MackerrasClear hungup in start_link() instead of connect_tty()
2008-06-25 Paul MackerrasFix behaviour of maxoctets option when limit >= 2G
2008-06-23 Paul MackerrasRemove send/recv_config_pppoa
2008-06-23 Paul MackerrasMake the pppoatm plugin's Makefile honour INSTROOT
2008-06-23 Paul MackerrasOnly kill the whole process group if we have detached
2008-06-23 Paul MackerrasFlush the tty when welcomer or connector fails
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasRemoving hard-coded CC = gcc in a few Makefiles.
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd include/linux/if_pppol2tp.h, missed in a previous...
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd openl2tp plugin.
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd L2TP support.
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd the declaration of multilink_join_hook, missed...
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd a description of multilink_join_hook.
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd multilink_join_hook, called when a links joins...
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasMake pppd use blank username/password when explicitly...
2008-06-15 Paul MackerrasAdd pppoe-mac option to rp-pppoe plugin
2008-06-09 Paul MackerrasUpdates and fixes for the rp-pppoe plugin
2008-06-03 Paul MackerrasRewrite some code to avoid a type-punned pointer warning.
2008-06-03 Paul MackerrasMinor tweaks to utils.c
2008-05-26 Paul MackerrasFix bug causing duplicate radius interim accounting...
2008-05-26 Paul MackerrasFix bug 1732 - using un-acked DNS settings
2008-03-26 Paul MackerrasDescribe the noremoteip option.
2008-03-26 Paul MackerrasAllow operation without an IP address for the peer
2008-03-26 Paul MackerrasSome MS-DNS changes: if the peer sends a conf-nak promp...
2008-01-30 James CarlsonFixed uninitialized 'pw' variable in HAS_SHADOW logic...
2008-01-30 Paul MackerrasFix some compile warnings and errors in the !USE_PAM...
2007-12-01 James CarlsonRepaired MSLANMAN so that it doesn't drop core: need...
2007-12-01 James CarlsonAdded net/ppp_defs.h to fix for compilation on Solaris...
2007-06-19 James CarlsonAdded new "enable-session" option to enable session...
2006-12-19 Paul MackerrasFix bug causing segfault on tdb errors.
2006-12-19 Paul MackerrasAdd extra baud rates >= 1Mbaud.
2006-12-19 Paul MackerrasFix bug in CHAP MS v2 handling where we didn't zero...
2006-12-19 Paul MackerrasFix problem with fd 0 getting closed unintentionally...
2006-06-28 Paul MackerrasUpdate patchlevel date
2006-06-18 Paul MackerrasRestore original EUID rather than 0 during option proce...
2006-06-16 Paul MackerrasNote pppd's behaviour regarding sending signals to...
2006-06-15 Paul MackerrasFix obvious subscript-out-of-range error.
2006-06-04 Paul MackerrasPut back a "0" that got deleted somehow. I blame the...
2006-06-04 Paul MackerrasCheck the result of seteuid(), just to be paranoid.
2006-06-04 Paul MackerrasCheck the return value of setuid, and make sure that...
2006-06-04 Paul MackerrasAdd $(INSTDIR) to installation paths in Linux makefiles.
2006-06-04 Paul MackerrasFix snafu in run_program(). Patch from Robert Vogelgesang.
2006-05-29 Paul MackerrasUpdate for 2.4.4 release
2006-05-29 Paul MackerrasRemove name checks in the rp-pppoe plugin PPPoEDevnameH...
2006-05-22 Paul MackerrasMake MANDIR directory if not present.
2006-05-22 Paul MackerrasThis enables plugins called via hooks/notifiers triggered
2006-05-22 Paul MackerrasThis fixes the RADIUS accounting termination cause...
2006-05-21 Paul MackerrasPass -q option to modprobe, as suggested in PR#1373
2006-05-21 Paul MackerrasFix bug reported in PR#1302 - doing strtol on "E=..."
2006-05-21 Paul MackerrasFix segfault when secret is exactly 32 bytes long.
2006-05-21 Paul MackerrasAvoid bus errors from unaligned input to SHA1Update
2005-08-28 Paul MackerrasDon't mention radius twice in SUBDIRS
2005-08-28 Paul MackerrasUp-date.