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ui/ncurses: Call widget process_key handlers first
[petitboot] / ui / ncurses / nc-widgets.c
2016-07-21 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Call widget process_key handlers first
2016-07-13 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Properly set focus when updating subset
2016-07-13 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Update keybindings for subsets
2016-05-24 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Interpret left/right keys as up/down
2015-12-18 Sam Mendoza-JonasMerge pull request #11 from open-power/coverity
2015-12-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Remove redundant assignment
2015-09-11 Samuel Mendoza-JonasMerge branch 'pb-plugin' into master
2015-09-10 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Allow text wrapping in select widgets
2015-08-31 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Fix positioning of i18n strings in button...
2015-06-26 Jeremy KerrMerge remote-tracking rbanch sammj/master
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Use sorted field navigation
2015-05-05 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Add nc_widget_subset
2014-10-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasui/ncurses: Warn if widget runs over horizontal pad...
2014-07-22 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: allow tab/backtab to skip through a widget...
2014-04-16 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Use a fixed-sized for small, known-length...
2013-12-18 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses/nc-widgets: Add initial textbox validation...
2013-12-18 Jeremy Kerrconfigure: Use AC_GNU_SOURCE
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses/nc-widgets: Unify select key
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add widgetset_set_window
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add widget_select_drop_options
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses/widgets: Add widget focus offset query
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses/widgets: Add n_options check to widget_selec...
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Make boot editor API consistent with config...
2013-11-13 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Add simple ncurses form widget set