2013-11-06 Neelesh Guptatest/parser: Update test cases as per new parser reques...
2013-11-06 Neelesh Guptadiscover: Change parsers to explicitly request configur...
2013-11-06 Neelesh Guptalib/url: Export is_url() function
2013-11-06 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allocate contexts with talloc_zero
2013-11-01 Jeremy Kerrlib/log: Always flush after writing logs
2013-11-01 Jeremy Kerrlogging: Clean up debug logs
2013-11-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Allow for arbitrary-sized netlink...
2013-10-28 Jeremy Kerrlib/pb-config/powerpc-nvram: Use talloc_zero for interf...
2013-10-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/file: Fix invalid free in replace_file
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: cleanup allocated data
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/file: Fix invalid free vs talloc_free
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/network: Ensure dns config buffer contains...
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/parser: free parsers on exit
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/sysinfo: Fix talloc against uninitialised...
2013-10-21 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Clean lexer.[ch]
2013-10-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't free clients on write failure
2013-10-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allow an in-progress boot to be cancelled
2013-10-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add load_url_cancel
2013-10-14 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Allow URL resources
2013-10-11 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Use OK & Cancel buttons for boot editor...
2013-10-11 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Use 'x' as exit key
2013-10-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Allow booting custom boot options
2013-10-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Defer item creation until boot editor is...
2013-10-10 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Use 'New' instead of 'Open'
2013-10-10 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allow device_handler_boot with no option
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: remove register_parser printf
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrui/ncurses: Display sysinfo type & identifier
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/sysinfo: Add helper script to populate sysinfo...
2013-10-09 Jeremy KerrAdd system info messages
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-udhcp: Don't add a new option on renew
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/udev: dup property values returned from udev
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/device-handler: Fix use-after-free when unmounting
2013-10-09 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't call config_set_autoboot before config_init
2013-10-04 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Fix uninitialised yylineno
2013-10-04 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement save_env command
2013-10-04 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Add check_file_contents
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement load_env
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: strdup strings used in the environment
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add default prefix
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add device_{request,release}_write
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add parser_request_file
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add test_data member to struct discover_context
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't continue discovery if mount fails
2013-10-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allow for already-mounted devices
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Clean up error-handling for grub2 parse...
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Enable logging to stdout
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrtests/urls: Run URL tests under valgrind
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/resource: create_url_resource should take...
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrlib/url: talloc from new URL in pb_url_copy
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/paths: Check local file URLs in load_url
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrlib/system: Don't modify dir parameter to pb_rmdir_recu...
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Log boot status updates
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Download resources in parallel
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add struct load_url_result and load_task
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Don't depend on tftp failure for type detection
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Store clean_* in the boot task
2013-09-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Check for failed loads in boot()
2013-09-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: load_url_async callback should take an int...
2013-09-25 Neelesh Guptadiscover/boot: Implement asynchronous boot() process
2013-09-25 Neelesh Guptadiscover: Add an asynchronous version of load_url
2013-09-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Reimplement default options
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Check for devices with duplicate serial prope...
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrpb-udhcpc: use plain kernel names for dhcp events
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Fix uninitialised op variable
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Add test-grub2-single-line-if test
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Support var=value assignments
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Allow double-quotes in embedded config
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add true & false builtins
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Allow checks for NULL boot_args
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Add variable expansion in Ubuntu conf...
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2/lexer: Require 1+ spaces for a TOKEN_DELIM
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add linux16 command
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Allow both delimiters and EOLs after...
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrtest/parser: Fix spacing in grub2-f18-ppc64 test
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement test builtin
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add nops for unnecessary builtins
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement statement_block_execute
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: unknown commands should fail
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Populate option ids
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Allow EOF as a statement terminator
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add print_token
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: fix comment handling
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement 'elif'
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Create 'conditional' statements
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Allow empty statements
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement submenu
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add function support
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Improve error handling
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement 'else' blocks
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement 'search' command
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement 'linux' & 'initrd' commands
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Function infrastructure improvements
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add option state in menuentry processing
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add a reference to the context from...
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Hook up flex/bison parser to discover...
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Move parser-api definitions to parser.y
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Implement multiple-arv variable splitting
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add initial command execution
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Add menuentry execution
2013-09-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/grub2: Fix word append