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discover/status: Add status messages for payload download results
[petitboot] / discover / boot.c
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: Add status messages for payload downlo...
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/status: make boot status calls more consistent
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrtypes: Remove detail and progress from struct status
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrtypes: shorten boot_status definitions
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-JonasConsolidate petitboot,tty and petitboot,console
2016-09-08 Samuel Mendoza-JonasUse 'consoles' instead of 'tty' to refer to interfaces
2016-08-26 tpearson@raptoreng... Add encrypted file support
2016-08-26 tpearson@raptoreng... Add support for GPG signature enforcement on booted
2016-08-19 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/boot: Always pass --append to kexec
2016-06-29 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/boot: Set boot_tty variable before kexec
2016-03-22 Sam Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/boot: Safely cleanup after failed load
2015-04-14 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Initialise strtok_r saveptr to NULL
2014-07-28 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Use translated strings for boot status messages
2014-05-22 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: don't free cancelled load tasks
2013-12-18 Jeremy Kerrconfigure: Use AC_GNU_SOURCE
2013-12-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Copy local paths before running boot...
2013-12-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Fix condition for updating boot params
2013-11-13 Jeremy Kerrlib: consolidate util macros in util/util.h
2013-10-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Allow an in-progress boot to be cancelled
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Log boot status updates
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Download resources in parallel
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add struct load_url_result and load_task
2013-09-26 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Store clean_* in the boot task
2013-09-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Check for failed loads in boot()
2013-09-25 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: load_url_async callback should take an int...
2013-09-25 Neelesh Guptadiscover/boot: Implement asynchronous boot() process
2013-09-23 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Add booting status message
2013-09-23 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Allow printf formatting in update_status
2013-09-23 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Fix log message with no newline
2013-09-19 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Fix use-after-free in boot()
2013-08-19 Jeremy Kerrlib/process: replace pb_run_cmd
2013-08-19 Jeremy Kerrlib/process: replace pb_run_cmd_pipe
2013-08-19 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: talloc struct boot_task
2013-08-01 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: fix segfault on failed boot image load
2013-06-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Allow boot hooks to alter boot data
2013-06-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Add boot hooks
2013-06-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Put all boot params into a struct boot_task
2013-06-24 Geoff LevandAdd initial dtb support
2013-06-24 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/boot: Allow null boot command
2013-05-06 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: kexec harder
2013-05-06 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Send boot status messages during boot()
2013-04-29 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Change parsers to emit resources rather than...
2013-04-29 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Fix potentially-unused var warning
2013-04-15 Geoff Levanddiscover: Fix boot with initrd error
2013-04-15 Jeremy KerrMove boot to discover server
2013-04-15 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Implement device handler boot path