login: Focus the username field on load
[patchwork] / templates /
2015-09-18 Damien Lespiautemplates: Pull jquery into base.html
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Remove dead files/code
2015-05-27 Jeremy KerrMove to a more recent django project structure
2015-05-03 Stephen FinucaneIntegrate 'django.contrib.staticfiles'
2015-05-03 Stephen FinucaneResolve removed 'AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE' setting
2015-05-03 Michael EllermanMake the submitter name link to a query for that submitter
2014-07-04 Brian Norristemplates: fixup HTML tags
2014-07-04 Yann E. MORINpwclient: accept more than one project in ~/.pwclientrc
2014-05-07 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: display projects as inline-block elements
2013-10-13 Ralf BaechleDjango 1.5 compatibility fixes
2013-10-13 Jeremy Kerrviews/base: Implement limit for submitter autocompletion
2013-06-16 Wolfram Sangnotifications: add project name to patch update notific...
2013-06-16 Jeremy Kerrjs: Add jquery and jquery tablednd plugins
2013-04-20 Jeremy Kerrbundles: Remove separate public bundle views
2012-12-30 Jeremy Kerrtemplates/bundle: Unify public bundle meta information
2012-12-30 Simo Sorceviews/bundle: Allow downloading public bundle as mbox
2012-11-29 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: patchwork project URL fixes
2012-11-15 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: Update patchwork project URL
2012-11-15 Simo Sorcetemplates: Add link to the projects website in the...
2012-11-15 Simo SorceAdd URL and SCM data to projects
2012-11-05 Simo SorceAdd shortcut to admin panel
2012-06-17 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: Don't rely on bool(Page)
2012-05-01 Stefan Hajnoczinotifications: do not HTML-escape patch change notifica...
2011-09-19 Jeremy KerrMerge branch 'notifications'
2011-04-14 Jeremy Kerrnotifications: Add code to send notifications
2011-04-14 Jeremy KerrAdd email opt-out system
2011-04-14 Jeremy Kerrregistration: use EmailConfimation rather than separate...
2011-04-14 Jeremy KerrUse generic email confirmation object
2011-04-14 Guilherme Salgadoviews: Refactor generic_list() to make it less complicated
2011-03-30 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: remove redundant 'about' link from main nav
2011-03-08 Guilherme SalgadoRemove unused templates and some code for processing...
2011-02-11 Dirk Wallensteintemplates: Spelling fix
2010-12-10 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: use custom templates for password change
2010-12-10 Sascha SilbeAdd link to password change form on user profile page
2010-11-01 Jeremy KerrAdd support for git-pull requests
2010-08-10 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: remove "beta"
2010-08-10 John 'Warthog9'... templates: Add CSRF (cross-site request forgery) values...
2010-08-10 Jeremy Kerrtemplates/patch-list: add default text for patches...
2010-03-19 Jeremy Kerrviews: Use request scheme in sample pwclientrc file.
2009-04-05 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: close table cell in project maintainer list
2009-04-05 Jeremy Kerrviews: separate project views into separate file
2009-02-08 Jeremy KerrBundle reordering support
2009-01-29 Jeremy KerrInitial bundle reordering support
2008-09-24 Jeremy Kerr[html] Fix apparently-unclosed script tag
2008-09-24 Jeremy Kerr[html] Add select-all checkbox for patch lists
2008-09-24 Jeremy Kerr[html] Reference common.js in base template
2008-09-24 Jeremy Kerr[html] Consolidate js files
2008-09-23 Jeremy Kerr[html] Reinstate 'about' link
2008-09-23 Jeremy Kerr[views] Restructure profile view, simplify bundle access
2008-09-16 Jeremy KerrAdd 404 template
2008-09-12 Jeremy KerrFix 'activate' mispelling
2008-09-09 Jeremy KerrAdd commit_ref field to patch page
2008-09-09 Jeremy KerrFix user/username mismatch on pwclientrc template
2008-09-09 Jeremy KerrUse patchwork xmlrpc view in pwclientrc template
2008-09-09 Jeremy KerrFix broken pwclient link
2008-09-09 Jeremy KerrRename pwclient.py to pwclient
2008-09-08 Jeremy KerrEnable [auth] setion in pwclientrc template
2008-09-08 Jeremy KerrRemove django_xmlrpc from about page.
2008-09-08 Jeremy KerrMake pwclient visible thorugh site, and add .pwclientrc...
2008-09-08 Jeremy KerrAdd pwclientrc configuration file sample for each project
2008-09-08 Jeremy KerrAdd credit for djagno-xmlrpc app
2008-09-05 Jeremy KerrShow patch list checkboxes for all authenticated users
2008-09-01 Jeremy KerrAdd delegate column
2008-08-23 Jeremy KerrRemove redundant 'Patchwork' from titles in registratio...
2008-08-23 Jeremy KerrUse consistent icons for filter settings
2008-08-23 Jeremy KerrRemove duplicate "- Patchwork" from patch page titles
2008-08-23 Jeremy KerrUse up/down arrows as sorting indicator
2008-08-23 Jeremy KerrAdd simple help infrastructure, with an 'about' page.
2008-08-22 Jeremy KerrZebra-stripe the patch list
2008-08-22 Jeremy KerrUse django-registration infrastructure
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrNo help for now.
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrPatchwork Beta 1.
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrFix NoReverseMatch in patch template
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrRemove beta link text from user-link template
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrImplement confirmation emails.
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrMake submitter filter AJAX work in Firefox
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrAdd appropriate javascrip variable decalrations
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrInital commit