cpuid: increment over size of cpu array, not just first one.
[ccan] / ccan / cpuid / cpuid.c
2016-11-04 Rusty Russellcpuid: increment over size of cpu array, not just first...
2015-08-15 A. Samycpuid: use a hardcoded constant when comparing CPU...
2015-08-12 A. Samycpuid: cpuid_write_info(): have outfile a file pointer...
2015-08-12 A. Samycpuid: rename ___cpuid to get_cpuid
2015-08-12 A. Samycpuid: minor clean up
2013-12-01 Ahmed Samycpuid: Now we support extended feature testing.
2013-11-28 Ahmed Samycpuid: Introduce cpuid_write_info
2013-11-14 Rusty RussellMerge branch 'master' of ozlabs.org:ccan
2013-11-13 Ahmed Samycpuid: remove un-needed bit shifting
2013-11-12 Rusty RussellMerge branch 'master' of ozlabs.org:ccan
2013-11-11 Ahmed Samycpuid: parse L1 cache information for AMD.
2013-11-09 Rusty RussellMerge branch 'master' of ozlabs.org:ccan
2013-11-08 Ahmed Samycpuid: prefix cpuid_t enums with CPUID_* instead of...
2013-11-07 Ahmed Samycpuid: drop support for testing extended features
2013-11-07 Ahmed Samycpuid: fix for MSVC in cpuid_is_supported()
2013-11-07 Ahmed Samycpuid: parse additional feature information for pCPU_PR...
2013-11-07 Ahmed Samycpuid: better parser for processor info
2013-10-28 Rusty RussellMerge branch 'master' of ozlabs.org:ccan
2013-10-25 Ahmed Samycpuid: Use __asm for MSVC
2013-10-23 Ahmed Samycpuid: use a sprintf-like function to get cputype as...
2013-10-21 Ahmed Samycpuid: avoid unions in parsing data
2013-10-21 Ahmed Samycpuid: apply the 32-bit fix
2013-10-14 Ahmed SamyMerge branch 'master' of ozlabs.org:ccan
2013-10-13 Ahmed Samycpuid: minor fixes
2013-10-11 Ahmed Samycpuid: cache processor brand string
2013-10-11 Ahmed Samycpuid: remove the static func has_feature
2013-10-11 Ahmed Samycpuid: fix build on 64-bit systems
2013-09-27 Rusty RussellMerge branch 'cpuid' of https://github.com/decltype...
2013-09-26 Ahmed Samycpuid: parse CPU L1 cache and TLB identifications
2013-09-26 Ahmed Samycpuid: use uint32_t instead of int/unsigned
2013-09-25 Ahmed Samycpuid: Minor improvements
2013-09-23 Ahmed Samycpuid: only compile source file if x86 cpu
2013-09-23 Ahmed Samycpuid: prefix every function with cpuid_
2013-09-22 Ahmed Samycpuid: add 2 new functions + some more tests
2013-09-21 Ahmed Samycpuid: new module