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tdb2: try to fit transactions in existing space before we expand.
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2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: try to fit transactions in existing space before...
2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: reduce transaction before writing to recovery...
2011-04-21 Rusty Russelltdb2: handle non-transaction-page-aligned sizes in...
2011-04-21 Rusty Russelltdb2: remove tailer from transaction record.
2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: limit coalescing based on how successful we are.
2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: use counters to decide when to coalesce records.
2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: overallocate the recovery area.
2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: don't start again when we coalesce a record.
2011-03-25 Rusty Russelltdb2: make internal coalesce() function return length...
2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: expand more slowly.
2011-04-19 Rusty Russelltdb2: use 64 bit file offsets on 32 bit systems if...
2011-04-21 Rusty Russelltdb2: test lock timeout plugin code.
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: allow transaction to nest.
2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: allow multiple chain locks.
2011-04-27 Rusty Russelltdb2: TDB_ATTRIBUTE_STATS access via tdb_get_attribute.
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: make tdb_name() valid early in tdb_open()
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix an error message misspelling.
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: tdb_set_attribute, tdb_unset_attribute and tdb_ge...
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: TDB_ATTRIBUTE_FLOCK support
2011-04-06 Rusty Russelltdb2: don't cancel transaction when tdb_transaction_pre...
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: open hook for implementing TDB_CLEAR_IF_FIRST
2011-05-10 Rusty Russelltdb2: cleanups for tools/speed.c
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: rearrange log function to put data arg at the...
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: rename internal hashfn and logfn to hash_fn and...
2011-04-07 Rusty Russelltdb2: shorten attribute members.
2011-03-29 Rusty Russelltdb2: extend start of hash locks.
2011-03-29 Rusty Russelltdb2: implement tdb_chainlock_read/tdb_chainunlock_read.
2011-04-19 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix tdb_summary reports
2011-04-28 Rusty Russellcompiler: don't override existing definitions.
2011-04-28 Douglas Bagnallilog: credit Tim Terriberry as author in ccan/ilog...
2011-04-27 Rusty Russellstr: fix tests on unsigned chars, and !HAVE_ISBLANK.
2011-04-27 Andreas Schlickciniparser: Add a check that len remains within bounds.
2011-04-19 Rusty Russellstr_talloc: make strjoin much more efficient.
2011-04-19 Rusty Russellstr_talloc: avoid const warnings on test/run.c
2011-04-06 Rusty Russelltypesafe_cb: simplify, preserve namespace.
2011-04-02 Andreas Schlickasort: Remove the trampoline version.
2011-04-02 Andreas Schlickfailtest: Change mode_t to int.
2011-04-02 Rusty Russellhash: use config.h settings for endian.
2011-04-02 Andreas Schlickhash: Extend the byte order check to cover x86_64.
2011-04-02 Andreas SchlickTo compile ccan under DragonFly BSD some additional...
2011-04-02 Andreas Schlickasort: Use qsort_r if the system provides it.
2011-03-28 Rusty Russellfailtest: fix fascist warn_unused_result warnings
2011-03-28 Rusty Russellfailtest: fix void * arithmetic in example.
2011-03-28 Rusty Russellfailtest: continue (without failing) if we run off...
2011-03-28 Rusty Russelltdb2: make head of free list point to last entry.
2011-03-25 Rusty Russelltdb2: speed up transaction code by making page size...
2011-03-25 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix traversal bug in free list lock_and_alloc()
2011-03-25 Rusty Russelltdb2: add --summary and logging to tools/speed.
2011-03-28 Rusty Russelltdb2: add --no-sync argument to speed.
2011-03-24 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix use after free on error message
2011-03-24 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix two transaction bugs.
2011-03-23 Rusty Russelltdb2: cleanups for tdbtorture, add more debugging and...
2011-03-24 Rusty Russelltdb2: actually implement tdb_error().
2011-03-23 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix tools warnings with -Wshadow and -Wcast-qual.
2011-03-23 Rusty Russelltdb2: avoid C++ reserved words (ie. private)
2011-03-24 Rusty Russelltdb2: check PID if we are holding a lock.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russelltdb2: tdb_lockall() and tdb_lockall_read() support.
2011-03-28 Rusty Russellconfigure.h: HAVE_ISBLANK
2011-03-25 Rusty Russellfailtest: handle EINTR from poll.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russelliscsi: fix warnings with -Wwrite-strings
2011-03-22 Rusty Russelldarray: handle case where we don't have typeof.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russelltap: ccanlint fixups
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellcrcsync: avoid arithmetic on void pointers
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellcompiler: fix -Wwrite-strings warning in example.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellantithread: fix -Wwrite-strings warning in test, and...
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellalloc: dont clash with libc's fls, avoid void pointer...
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellantithread: avoid arithmetic on void pointers
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellforeach: more const iteration fixes.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellalloc: avoid arithmetic on void pointers.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellread_write_all: avoid arithmetic on void pointers.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellopt: avoid function pointer arithmetic
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellopt: fix memory leak in tests.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellopt: allow const arguments.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellopt: define NULL
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellcast: fix cast of void * when we don't have GCC features.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellarray_size: make sure tests work even without GCC features.
2011-03-22 Rusty Russelltalloc: fix leak in test/run-set_allocator.c
2011-03-22 Rusty Russellfailtest: print complete history when we detect a leak.
2011-03-21 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix arithmetic on void * pointer.
2011-03-21 Rusty Russelltypesafe: fix warnings with gcc's -Wcast-qual
2011-03-21 Rusty Russelltypesafe: fix warnings with gcc's -Wpointer-arith
2011-03-21 Rusty Russelltdb2: tdb_mkdata
2011-03-21 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix warnings with -Wcast-qual using ccan/cast.
2011-03-21 Rusty Russellcast: fix compilation with GCC's -Wcast-qual
2011-03-21 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix tools compilation.
2011-03-21 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix compile of test/run-check-callback.c
2011-03-21 Rusty Russellforeach: fix case where iterators are not on the stack.
2011-03-21 Rusty Russellforeach: allow a single argument to foreach_int() and...
2011-03-21 Rusty Russellforeach: fix HAVE_FOR_LOOP_DECLARATION case.
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: merge changes in design document.
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: tdb_error()
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: TDB_SEQNUM and tdb_get_seqnum support.
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: tdb_name and tdb_fd functions.
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: remove tdb_null
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: tdb_deq: inline helper for comparing two struct...
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: implement tdb_exists and tdb_parse_record
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: begin tdb1 to tdb2 porting guide.
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: allow multiple opens of the same file.
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: set owner for locks
2011-03-17 Rusty Russelltdb2: rename tdb_lock_type to tdb_lock