discover/device-handler: Allow process_url request to be pending
[petitboot] / utils / pb-console
2016-05-24 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasutils: Add diagnostic script v1.1.0
2016-05-06 Samuel Mendoza-Jonaspb-console: Reduce kernel log output before starting UI
2015-09-11 Samuel Mendoza-JonasMerge branch 'pb-plugin' into master
2015-09-02 Jeremy Kerrpb-console: Always add plugins directory to PATH
2015-08-27 Jeremy Kerrpb-plugin: Move plugin wrappers to a separate dir
2015-04-14 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: establish PATH before running pb...
2014-08-05 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add debug flag to config
2014-05-19 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: use a linux termcap entry for local...
2014-04-07 Jeremy Kerrlog: Allow runtime selection of 'debug' log level
2013-11-22 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: Exit after running getty in detached...
2013-11-14 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: reset after UI exit
2013-07-23 Jeremy Kerrpb-console: Read /etc/environment and /etc/locale
2013-05-20 Jeremy Kerrutils/pb-console: use getty rather than exec
2013-05-20 Jeremy Kerrutils/pbconsole: Use here-document for usage text
2013-05-19 Geoff Levandutil/pb-console: Packaging updates
2013-05-09 Jeremy Kerrutils: Add pb-console util