ui/ncurses: in lockdown ensure system reboot in ncurses menu exit
[petitboot] / ui / common / Makefile.am
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandconfigure: Rename ENABLE_PS3 to PLATFORM_PS3
2014-08-01 Jeremy Kerrautotools: Use non-recursive make
2013-05-07 Jeremy KerrMakefiles: remove -I$(includedir)
2013-04-15 Jeremy KerrMove boot to discover server
2013-04-15 Jeremy Kerrlib/url: Move URL-handling code to lib
2013-04-10 Jeremy Kerrui/common: Remove unused artwork
2012-03-10 Geoff LevandFixup artwork licenses
2012-02-12 Geoff LevandAdd artwork files network.png, system.png
2012-02-12 Geoff LevandConvert build to use automake