discover/discover-server: explicit #include <string.h>
[petitboot] / discover / devmapper.c
2018-01-10 Geoff Levandprintf: Fix format type warnings
2017-07-11 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/devmapper: Add prefix to devmapper device...
2016-04-08 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/devmapper: Read device size from sysfs
2015-09-30 Jeremy Kerrdiscover/devmapper: Use explicit 64-bit types for secto...
2015-09-11 Samuel Mendoza-JonasMerge branch 'pb-plugin' into master
2015-08-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Add disable param for dm-snapshots
2015-08-18 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover/devmapper: Disable libdm udev sync support
2015-08-06 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Support creation of device-mapper devices