2015-09-18 Damien Lespiaulogin: Focus the username field on load master
2015-09-18 Damien Lespiautemplates: Pull jquery into base.html
2015-09-18 Stephen Finucanetests: Move 'reverse' calls inside 'setUp'
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanesettings: Move 'TEST_RUNNER' to correct location
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanesettings: Fix deprecated 'TEST_CHARSET' warning
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Add missing licenses to 'management'
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Resolve PEP8 issues with 'management'
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanemanagement: Resolve a bug with 'retag' command
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanemanagement: Resolve bugs with 'cron' command
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Remove dead imports from 'tests'
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetests/test_user: Add "profile POST" tests
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetests/test_user: Add "profile unlink" tests
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Remove Python < 2.5 code
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Resolve some PEP8 issues
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Remove dead files/code
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanedocs: Rewrite documentation
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetox: Update versions of Django to be tested
2015-09-17 Stephen FinucaneAdd missing explicit state fixture load
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/templates: Suppress cycle template tag warning
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/views: request.REQUEST is deprecated in djang...
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/parser: Adapt for new unsaved-foreign-key...
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork: Add initial migrations
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork: Explicitly load states fixtures
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/views: prefetch delegate in generic_list
2015-06-04 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/models: Use OneToOneField for PatchChangeNoti...
2015-05-29 Jeremy Kerrparsemail: Don't catch all exceptions when a Project...
2015-05-29 Jeremy Kerrparsemail: run django.setup to initialise Models
2015-05-28 Jeremy Kerrtests: Remove old-style test runner module
2015-05-28 Jeremy Kerrcron: Move patchwork-cron script to a management command
2015-05-28 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/utils: Remove unnecessary MultiplePatchForm...
2015-05-28 Jeremy Kerrdoc: Add NEWS file for recent updates
2015-05-28 Jeremy KerrAdd patch tag infrastructure
2015-05-28 Jeremy Kerrdocs: Add collectstatic step to installation instructions
2015-05-28 Jeremy KerrUpdate documentation and default settings to suit patch...
2015-05-27 Jeremy Kerrbin: Fix references to old settings module location
2015-05-27 Jeremy Kerrdocs: Fix documentation for new settings infrastructure
2015-05-27 Jeremy Kerrlib/apache2: Update sample configuration files for...
2015-05-27 Jeremy Kerrlib/apache2: use django-1.7-compatible wsgi application
2015-05-27 Jeremy KerrMove to a more recent django project structure
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanetox: Add tox.ini file
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanesettings: Split '' into multiple files
2015-05-03 Stephen FinucaneIntegrate 'django.contrib.staticfiles'
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanesettings: Restructure settings file
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanedocs: Use 'prod' and 'dev' requirements files
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucanesettings: Resolve all but one Django 1.7 warning
2015-05-03 Stephen Finucaneviews: Replace 'mimetype' with 'content_type'
2015-05-03 Stephen FinucaneResolve removed 'AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE' setting
2015-05-03 Michael EllermanMake the submitter name link to a query for that submitter
2015-05-03 aldotpwclient: honor PAGER for view
2015-03-22 Michael Ellermanparser: Fix parsing of patches with a trailing no-newli...
2015-03-22 Bryce HarringtonINSTALL: Fix indentation (whitespace only change) to...
2015-03-22 Bryce HarringtonINSTALL: Fix some minor typos
2015-03-22 Damien LespiauAlways use #!/usr/bin/env python
2015-03-22 Brian Norrispwclient: support 'archived' filtering and updating
2015-03-22 Brian Norrispwclient: drop unused variables
2015-03-22 Brian Norrisxmlrpc: support filtering by 'archived'
2015-03-22 Brian Norrispwclient: exit on first patch which fails to apply
2015-03-22 Brian Norrispwclient: add project option to single-patch commands
2015-03-22 Brian NorrisINSTALL: fix mysql syntax
2015-03-22 Brian NorrisTODO: remove completed items
2015-03-22 Brian Norrisxmlrpc: include UNIX mbox 'From ' header in patch_get_m...
2015-03-22 Brian Norrisxmlrpc: add 'archived' status to patch summary
2015-03-22 Johannes Bergviews/xmlrpc: fix xmlrpc delegate filtering
2014-11-10 Damien Lespiautest_notifications: Fix testNotificationUpdated timesta...
2014-11-10 Damien Lespiaudocs: Add a note about how to run tests
2014-11-10 Damien Lespiaujquery: Fix jqeury typo
2014-11-10 Damien Lespiauparsemail: Honour existing PYTHONPATH
2014-11-10 Damien Lespiaudocs: Add the Debian package name for virtualenv/mysql
2014-11-10 Jani Nikulapwclient: add %{_msgid_} to print message-id without...
2014-11-10 Jani Nikulapwclient: add output format option to list/search command
2014-11-10 Damien LespiauCOPYING: Add the text of the GPLv2 license
2014-11-10 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: Remove unhandled action 'save'
2014-11-10 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: Rephrase patch_ids iterator
2014-11-10 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: Simplify argument handling
2014-11-10 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: add --help / -? to all sub commands
2014-09-07 Damien Lespiausettings: Make sure to use a tuple for TEMPLATE_DIRS
2014-09-07 Damien Lespiaudocs: Add requirements.txt for django 1.7/MySQL
2014-09-07 Damien Lespiaudocs: Add requirements.txt for django 1.6/MySQL
2014-09-07 Damien Lespiaudocs: Add requirements.txt for django 1.5/MySQL
2014-09-07 Damien LespiauHACKING: Add some documentation about using virtualenv...
2014-09-07 Damien LespiauINSTALL: Sprinkle a few UTF-8 in the mysql documentation
2014-09-07 Damien LespiauINSTALL: Update the database configuration instructions
2014-09-07 Jeremy Kerrpwclient: preserve ordering of patch ids
2014-09-07 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: diagnose hash_parser errors gracefully
2014-09-07 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: allow multiple IDs
2014-09-07 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: support signoff in the pwclientrc
2014-09-07 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: Remove now obsolete usage()
2014-09-07 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: simplify hash/id handling
2014-09-07 Bernhard Reutner... pwclient: add git-am -s support
2014-07-24 Siddhesh Poyarekarparsemail: Fallback to common charsets when charset...
2014-07-24 Brian Norrispost-receive: exclude commits from the patch update...
2014-07-24 Andreas Bießmannviews: fix patch_to_mbox() for postscript
2014-07-24 Andreas Bießmanntests/mboxviews: test for unchanged postscript
2014-07-24 Andreas Bieß use python to find ROOT_DIR
2014-07-24 Andreas BießmannINSTALL: adopt PYTHONPATH
2014-07-04 Brian Norristemplates: fixup HTML tags
2014-07-04 Yann E. MORINpwclient: add bash completion for project names
2014-07-04 Yann E. MORINpwclient: accept more than one project in ~/.pwclientrc
2014-07-04 Yann E. MORINpwclient: rename variable CONFIG_FILES to be singular
2014-06-03 Jeremy Kerrfilters: fix exception in filter querystring generation