login: Focus the username field on load
[patchwork] / templates / base.html
2015-09-18 Damien Lespiautemplates: Pull jquery into base.html
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Remove dead files/code
2015-05-03 Stephen FinucaneIntegrate 'django.contrib.staticfiles'
2015-05-03 Stephen FinucaneResolve removed 'AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE' setting
2013-10-13 Ralf BaechleDjango 1.5 compatibility fixes
2012-11-29 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: patchwork project URL fixes
2012-11-15 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: Update patchwork project URL
2012-11-05 Simo SorceAdd shortcut to admin panel
2011-09-19 Jeremy KerrMerge branch 'notifications'
2011-04-14 Jeremy KerrAdd email opt-out system
2011-04-14 Jeremy Kerrregistration: use EmailConfimation rather than separate...
2011-03-30 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: remove redundant 'about' link from main nav
2010-08-10 Jeremy Kerrtemplates: remove "beta"
2009-04-05 Jeremy Kerrviews: separate project views into separate file
2008-09-24 Jeremy Kerr[html] Fix apparently-unclosed script tag
2008-09-24 Jeremy Kerr[html] Reference common.js in base template
2008-09-23 Jeremy Kerr[html] Reinstate 'about' link
2008-09-23 Jeremy Kerr[views] Restructure profile view, simplify bundle access
2008-08-23 Jeremy KerrAdd simple help infrastructure, with an 'about' page.
2008-08-22 Jeremy KerrUse django-registration infrastructure