login: Focus the username field on load
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2015-09-18 Damien Lespiaulogin: Focus the username field on load master
2015-09-18 Damien Lespiautemplates: Pull jquery into base.html
2015-09-18 Stephen Finucanetests: Move 'reverse' calls inside 'setUp'
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanesettings: Move 'TEST_RUNNER' to correct location
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanesettings: Fix deprecated 'TEST_CHARSET' warning
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Add missing licenses to 'management'
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Resolve PEP8 issues with 'management'
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanemanagement: Resolve a bug with 'retag' command
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanemanagement: Resolve bugs with 'cron' command
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Remove dead imports from 'tests'
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetests/test_user: Add "profile POST" tests
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetests/test_user: Add "profile unlink" tests
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Remove Python < 2.5 code
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Resolve some PEP8 issues
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanetrivial: Remove dead files/code
2015-09-17 Stephen Finucanedocs: Rewrite documentation
2015-09-17 Stephen FinucaneAdd missing explicit state fixture load
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/templates: Suppress cycle template tag warning
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/views: request.REQUEST is deprecated in djang...
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/parser: Adapt for new unsaved-foreign-key...
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork: Add initial migrations
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork: Explicitly load states fixtures
2015-06-05 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/views: prefetch delegate in generic_list
2015-06-04 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/models: Use OneToOneField for PatchChangeNoti...
2015-05-29 Jeremy Kerrparsemail: Don't catch all exceptions when a Project...
2015-05-29 Jeremy Kerrparsemail: run django.setup to initialise Models
2015-05-28 Jeremy Kerrtests: Remove old-style test runner module
2015-05-28 Jeremy Kerrcron: Move patchwork-cron script to a management command
2015-05-28 Jeremy Kerrpatchwork/utils: Remove unnecessary MultiplePatchForm...
2015-05-28 Jeremy KerrAdd patch tag infrastructure
2015-05-28 Jeremy KerrUpdate documentation and default settings to suit patch...
2015-05-27 Jeremy Kerrbin: Fix references to old settings module location
2015-05-27 Jeremy KerrMove to a more recent django project structure