Large patch from Frank Cusack <> to add proper
[ppp.git] / pppd / plugins /
2002-03-01 David F. SkollLarge patch from Frank Cusack <
2002-02-28 David F. SkollAdded CHAP-challenge attribute to dictionary.
2002-02-27 David F. SkollService-name was not being set correctly in PPPoE plugin.
2002-02-27 David F. SkollWhitespace tidying.
2002-02-20 David F. SkollAnother patch from Frank Cusack to fix install: target.
2002-02-19 David F. SkollMinor patches as suggested by Frank Cusack <fcusack...
2002-02-12 Michal OstrowskiEnable more verbose PPPoE plugin output
2002-02-12 Michal OstrowskiPlugin for supplying CHAP password via a dedicated...
2002-02-08 David F. SkollAdded radius_pre_auth_hook to let additional plugins...
2002-01-22 David F. SkollUpdated
2002-01-22 David F. SkollAdded RADIUS suppport.
2001-12-14 Michal OstrowskiSwitch to using RoaringPenguin-based PPPOE plugin
2001-07-26 Paul Mackerrasrearrange, add pppoe
2001-07-26 Paul Mackerraspppoe plugin stuff - Michal Ostrowski's version, lightl...
2001-03-12 Paul Mackerraschange to bsd-style licence
2001-03-08 Paul MackerrasMake the example plugins here export the version number...
2000-12-27 Paul Mackerrasadd -fPIC to CFLAGS
1999-11-17 Paul Mackerrasadd passprompt plugin
1999-09-17 Paul Mackerrasrename Makefile to Makefile.linux, now we have Makefile...
1999-09-16 Adi MasputraAdded plugins support for Solaris
1999-09-11 Paul Mackerrasadd an example plugin