Added support for Acct-Interim-Interval attribute. We can now ask
[ppp.git] / pppd / plugins / radius / radiusclient / include / radiusclient.h
2002-07-25 David F. SkollAdded support for Acct-Interim-Interval attribute....
2002-07-13 Alexandr D. KanevskiyExperemental per session traffic limiting.
2002-04-02 David F. SkollAdded RADIUS support for MPPE (patch from Frank Cusack)
2002-03-05 David F. SkollPatch from Frank Cusack to add support for MSCHAPv2.
2002-03-04 David F. SkollPatch from Frank Cusack to make RADIUS plugin support...
2002-03-01 David F. SkollLarge patch from Frank Cusack <
2002-02-27 David F. SkollWhitespace tidying.
2002-01-22 David F. SkollAdded RADIUS suppport.