Add in "." between hostname and domain name
[ppp.git] / aix4 /
1995-06-23 Paul MackerrasFix to avoid crashes after the stream closes up.
1995-06-23 Paul MackerrasFix to make SIOCGPPPCSTATS work correctly.
1995-06-01 Paul MackerrasCope with the fact that CVS can't handle symbolic links
1995-06-01 Paul MackerrasPutting remaining PPP files under version control
1995-05-01 Paul MackerrasInitial revision
1995-05-01 Paul Mackerrasonly ref ppp_bsd_compress if DO_BSD_COMPRESS
1995-04-28 Paul Mackerrasadded 0 hdrlen param to comp_init
1995-04-26 Paul MackerrasUpdates from Charlie Wick
1994-12-05 Paul Mackerrasadd hdrlen
1994-12-05 Paul Mackerraschanged u_long to u_int32_t; some fixes from sunos...
1994-12-05 Paul MackerrasInitial revision