discover/pxe: pxe parser should only treat "::" paths as absolute
[petitboot] / test / lib /
2014-02-20 Jeremy Kerrlib/process: Don't abort stdout reads on EINTR
2014-01-31 Jeremy Kerrlib/fold: Add text fold utility
2014-01-14 Jeremy Kerrlib/process: Add add_stderr flag to process module
2013-12-18 Jeremy Kerrconfigure: Use AC_GNU_SOURCE
2013-12-18 Jeremy Kerrtest/lib: Add parent stdout test
2013-08-29 Jeremy Kerrtest/lib: Implement process_init change in testcases
2013-08-19 Jeremy Kerrtest/lib: add process tests
2013-08-19 Jeremy Kerrtest/lib: Use talloc in list test
2013-08-19 Jeremy Kerrtest/lib: build with -DEBUG
2013-05-07 Jeremy KerrMakefiles: remove -I$(includedir)
2013-05-03 Jeremy Kerrtest/lib: Add empty list test
2013-04-29 Jeremy Kerrtest/lib: Hook into `make check`
2013-04-28 Geoff Levandtest: Rename test/list to test/lib