login: Focus the username field on load
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2015-05-28 Jeremy KerrAdd patch tag infrastructure
2015-05-28 Jeremy KerrUpdate documentation and default settings to suit patch...
2015-05-27 Jeremy Kerrlib/apache2: Update sample configuration files for...
2015-05-27 Jeremy Kerrlib/apache2: use django-1.7-compatible wsgi application
2015-05-27 Jeremy KerrMove to a more recent django project structure
2014-11-10 Damien Lespiaujquery: Fix jqeury typo
2014-05-08 Jeremy Kerrmigration: Add cleanup-people migration script
2014-04-22 Jeremy Kerrlib/sql: remove references to auth_message model
2014-04-22 Jeremy KerrUpdate manage.py to post a post-1.4 version.
2013-10-13 Ralf Baechlelib/sql/migration: Fix column names for MySQL/MariaDB
2013-10-04 Florian Fainellisql: remove non-existing auth_message table
2013-10-04 Florian Fainellisql: update grant-all.mysql.sql
2013-06-16 Jeremy Kerrjs: Add jquery and jquery tablednd plugins
2013-04-20 Jeremy Kerrbundles: Don't allow slashes in bundle names
2012-11-15 Simo SorceAdd URL and SCM data to projects
2012-10-25 Simo SorceFix grant script
2011-12-08 Jeremy Kerrsql: remove development migration script
2011-09-19 Jeremy KerrMerge branch 'notifications'
2011-04-14 Jeremy Kerrmodels: Add PatchChangeNotification and record patch...
2011-04-14 Jeremy KerrAdd email opt-out system
2011-04-14 Jeremy Kerrregistration: use EmailConfimation rather than separate...
2011-04-14 Jeremy KerrUse generic email confirmation object
2011-02-28 Guilherme Salgadohelpers: Change patchwork.wsgi to include the apps...
2010-11-01 Jeremy KerrAdd support for git-pull requests
2010-08-10 Jeremy Kerrsql: Add uncommitted migration scripts
2010-08-10 Martin Krafftlib/apache2: Add WSGI Handler
2009-11-23 Junio C HamanoAdjust postgres "grant all" script to new name of bundl...
2009-02-27 Jeremy Kerrmigration: fix whitespace
2009-02-27 Jeremy Kerrmigration: reset bundlepatch sequence on setup
2009-02-10 Jeremy Kerr[sql] Fix up bundle-reorder migration script
2009-02-08 Jeremy Kerr[sql] Perserve bundle ordering in bundle reorder migrat...
2009-02-07 Jeremy KerrNormalise order numbers in bundle-ordering migration SQL
2009-02-07 Jeremy KerrComplete bundle ordering migration script
2009-01-29 Jeremy KerrInitial bundle reordering support
2008-10-29 Jeremy Kerr[models] Make patches unique on (msgid, project), not...
2008-10-09 Jeremy Kerr[sql] use separate grant-all scripts for postgresql...
2008-09-11 Jeremy KerrDon't just rely on random for UserPersonConfirmation...
2008-09-10 Jeremy KerrUse hex strings for hash values
2008-09-09 Jeremy KerrPass Authorization headers in fastcgi application
2008-09-08 Nate Casemod_python example configuration fixes
2008-09-05 Jeremy KerrExclude packages tree from separate .gitignore file
2008-08-22 Jeremy KerrAdd DB permissions for registration app
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrGet parsemail scripts going
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrInital commit