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2011-11-29 Rusty Russellfailtest: fix internal cut & paste bug
2011-11-29 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix depends_build_without_features
2011-11-23 Rusty RussellMakefile-web: push to github repo too.
2011-11-23 Vladimir Zapolskiylist: fix list element counting in provided example...
2011-11-21 Rusty Russellcast: fix warnings with -Wextra (specifically -Wmissing...
2011-11-21 Rusty Russelllist: simplify tests a little.
2011-11-16 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix --test-dep-graph
2011-11-15 Rusty Russellccanlint: make fewer tests compulsory.
2011-11-15 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix ccanlint -l
2011-11-01 Rusty Russelltdb2: don't be fascist when TDB_VERSION1 is specified.
2011-11-01 Rusty Russellstrset: set errno to ENOENT even if we return NULL.
2011-11-01 Rusty Russellstrmap: set errno to ENOENT even if we return NULL.
2011-11-01 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix uninitialized variables in tests_pass_val...
2011-11-01 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix test link when given no arguments.
2011-10-26 Rusty Russellcompiler, ilog: IDEMPOTENT "idempotent does not mean...
2011-10-26 Rusty Russellstrset: set errno on strset_add failures.
2011-10-26 Rusty Russellstrmap: set errno on strmap_add() failures.
2011-10-24 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix creation of example test/run.c
2011-10-05 Rusty Russellccanlint: drop -d, interpret any arguments as directori...
2011-10-05 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix spurious warning errors.
2011-10-04 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix valgrind suppression in _info.
2011-10-04 Rusty Russellshort_types: fix example for 64 bit platforms
2011-10-04 Rusty Russellopt: increase testing coverage on 64 bit platforms
2011-10-04 Rusty Russellnet: fix tests for systems without IPv6 entries in...
2011-10-04 Rusty Russelljmap: fix _info example for 64 bit systems.
2011-10-04 Rusty Russellforeach: make test more accurate, fix for 64-bit gcc...
2011-10-04 Rusty Russellasearch: fix example on 64 bit platforms.
2011-10-04 Rusty Russellalloc: fix memory leak in tests.
2011-10-04 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix test printf for 64 bit.
2011-09-29 Rusty Russellweb: add pointer to wiki/Contribute.
2011-09-29 Rusty RussellNote new URL: ccodearchive.net, and point to new wiki...
2011-09-28 Rusty Russellstrmap: new module for ordered map of strings using...
2011-09-28 Rusty Russelltcon: more help, for making strmap.
2011-09-27 Rusty Russellhtable: benchmark against hsearch(3)
2011-09-27 Rusty Russelllikely: use htable_type
2011-09-27 Rusty Russellhtable: HTABLE_INITIALIZER() for static initialization.
2011-09-27 Rusty Russellhtable: clean up interface, document htable_type better.
2011-09-27 Rusty Russellhtable: start empty.
2011-09-27 Rusty Russelltap: fix exit status when we have exactly 256 errors.
2011-09-27 Rusty Russelltcon: update and enhance documentation.
2011-09-26 Rusty Russellhtable, strset: benchmarking tools.
2011-09-26 Rusty Russellstrset: new module using critbit trees.
2011-09-26 Rusty Russellstr: fix warnings.
2011-09-26 Rusty Russellstr: relicense to public domain.
2011-09-26 Rusty Russellccanlint: more tweaks to example mangling.
2011-09-24 Rusty Russelltypesafe_cb: fix example macro ordering in typesafe_cb_...
2011-09-23 Rusty Russelljmap: use ccan/tcon and always be typesafe.
2011-09-23 Rusty Russelljbitset: rename to jset, use ccan/tcon
2011-09-23 Rusty Russelltlist: use ccan/tcon
2011-09-22 Rusty Russelltcon: routines for creating typesafe generic containers
2011-09-22 Rusty Russellccanlint: fix output for async commands.
2011-09-20 Rusty Russelltdb2: allow readonly changes even while holding locks.
2011-09-12 Rusty Russelltdb2: add error conversion functions.
2011-09-12 Rusty Russellccanlint: run tests in parallel
2011-09-12 Rusty Russelltdb2: make tests work in parallel.
2011-09-12 Rusty Russellccanlint: compile tests with coverage in parallel
2011-09-12 Rusty Russellccanlint: compile tests in parallel
2011-09-12 Rusty Russellccanlint: infrastructure to run commands async.
2011-09-12 Rusty Russelltools: fix realloc bug.
2011-09-09 Daniel Burkettxml: zero terminate the buffer after checking it...
2011-09-05 Daniel Burkettxml: covering my shame
2011-09-05 Daniel Burkettxml: modified it to use a smaller buffer during testing
2011-09-05 Daniel Burkettxml: ccanlint fixes finished
2011-09-05 Daniel Burkettxml: added drop static keyword
2011-09-05 Daniel Burkettxml: Passes Valgrind now
2011-09-05 Daniel Burkettxml: Rplaced ratchet buffer with regular buffer,...
2011-09-02 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix error handling for tdb1_transaction_commit.
2011-09-02 Rusty Russelltdb2: don't return -1 (ie. TDB_ERR_CORRUPT) on transact...
2011-09-02 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix prototypes which return enum TDB_ERROR.
2011-09-02 Rusty Russelltdb2: set tdb_error() on tdb_transaction_prepare_commit.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: enhance tdb1 porting document.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: delete old tdb1 tests.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: test: Speed up run-01-new_database.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: speed up testing.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: test: convert (non-invasive) run tests to api...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: test: fix run-57-die-during-transaction.c to...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: don't continue if tdb1_find fails.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: test: try (almost) all tests with TDB_VERSION1...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: log allocation failures in tdb1 backend.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: fix bogus error from tdb_unlockall() after fork...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: check lock owner in tdb1 backend.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: return TDB_ERR_RDONLY from transactions on R...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: add stats to tdb1 backend.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: increment seqnum on tdb_wipe_all in tdb1 backend.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: log an error when calling tdb_store() on read...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: catch errors in tdb1_needs_recovery()
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: add tdb_attribute_tdb1_max_dead
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: expose and document tdb1_incompatible_hash.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: make tdb1_null static.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: tdb_repack
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_wipe into tdb_wipe.
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_get_seqnum/tdb1_increment_seqnum into...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_firstkey/tdb1_nextkey into tdb_firstke...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_check and tdb1_summary into tdb_check...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_transaction_start etc. into tdb_transa...
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_parse_record into tdb_parse_record
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_chainlock et al. into tdb_chainlock
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_traverse into tdb_traverse
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_store into tdb_store
2011-08-31 Rusty Russelltdb2: unify tdb1_delete into tdb_delete.