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last changeWed, 15 Dec 2021 01:35:08 +0000 (12:05 +1030)
2021-12-15 Rusty Russelltal: add tal_dup_or_null and tal_dup_talarr helpers. master origin/master
2021-12-13 Rusty Russellcrc32c, crypto/xtea: check in LICENSE symlinks.
2021-12-13 Rusty Russellgraphql: latest changes from @rl-d
2021-11-24 Rusty Russellccan: make tal_dump() format more regular.
2021-10-21 ZmnSCPxj jxPCSnmZpipecmd: Use closefrom instead of iterating directly.
2021-10-21 Rusty Russellclosefrom: fix minor issues found by ccanlint
2021-10-21 ZmnSCPxj jxPCSnmZclosefrom: Close all file descriptors above a certain...
2021-09-08 Rusty Russellweb: create "versioned" tarballs.
2021-09-08 Martin Milatabase64: fix assignment to wrong type, use ssize_t
2021-09-08 Jan Sareniknit: daemonize.c: fix Stevens' in comment
2021-09-08 Renat IdrisovSetting the same name as at the implementation
2021-09-08 Niklas Claessonconfigurator: always true branch
2021-09-08 Christopher... Fix "for loop initial declarations are only allowed...
2021-09-08 Tim Gatesdocs: fix simple typo, unchaged -> unchanged
2021-09-08 rl-dfix warnings
2021-09-08 rl-dGraphQL lexer and parser (without optional type system)
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