1994-02-23 Paul MackerrasInitial revision
1994-02-14 Paul Mackerrasmore fixes for dynamic IP address assignment.
1994-02-08 Paul Mackerras*** empty log message ***
1994-02-08 Paul Mackerrasdescribe new behaviour with default IP address and...
1994-02-08 Paul Mackerrasadded accept_local and accept_remote flags to give...
1994-02-08 Paul MackerrasChanges to allow dynamic IP address assignment from...
1994-02-08 Paul MackerrasInitial revision
1994-01-10 Paul Mackerras*** empty log message ***
1994-01-10 Paul Mackerrasfix bug in option word processing
1994-01-10 Paul Mackerrasblock SIGPOLL to fix hanging on startup bug.
1993-12-15 Paul Mackerrastake out non-KVMLIB code, use _PATH_UNIX on *bsd
1993-12-15 Paul Mackerrasadded BINDIR and MANDIR, install man page
1993-12-15 Paul Mackerrasadded default BINDIR, removed -g
1993-12-15 Paul Mackerrasremoved warning if not process group leader when using...
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrasuse UL() macro to compile with either cc or gcc
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrasfix compile nit
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrasadded ppp_available
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrasfix some compile nits
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerras*** empty log message ***
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerraspppd only (remove pppstats)
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrascheck if we have ppp early on
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrasremove SUBDIR (pppstats and chat in ..)
1993-12-14 Paul Mackerrasremove -DKVMLIB flag, use cc by default
1993-12-14 Paul MackerrasInitial revision
1993-12-14 Paul MackerrasInitial revision
1993-11-23 Paul Mackerrasadd `must_exist' parameter to options_from_file
1993-11-23 Paul Mackerrasfail if /etc/ppp/options not present if -DREQ_SYSOPTIONS=1
1993-11-11 Paul MackerrasInitial revision