leave the real user ID as the user's now
[ppp.git] / svr4 /
1999-02-26 Paul Mackerrasfix MT stuff; add DEBUG to compile command line for now
1998-04-01 Paul Mackerrasremove references to /home/paulus
1998-03-25 Paul Mackerrasinclude from ../include not ..
1998-02-04 Paul Mackerrasuse Makedefs rather than passing lots of things on...
1997-03-04 Paul Mackerrasenable priority queueing stuff
1996-09-26 Paul Mackerraspass more stuff to sub-makes
1996-09-26 Paul Mackerrasallow for COPTS from top make
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrasuse cc by default
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrasuse mkdir -p instead of install -d
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrasadded in deflate
1996-08-28 Paul Mackerrasdon't use options.leaf any more
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasalways do rem_drv, ignore any errors
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasignore more
1996-05-28 Paul Mackerrastook out bpf stuff; add rem_drv in install
1996-04-04 Paul Mackerrasadded files for packet filtering
1996-01-18 Paul Mackerrasfixed module description string
1996-01-18 Paul Mackerrasfix module description string
1996-01-18 Paul Mackerrassupport PPP Deflate compression
1995-12-19 Paul Mackerrastweaks to Makefile - suppress warnings
1995-12-11 Paul MackerrasAdding modload support stuff for Solaris
1995-12-11 Paul Mackerraschanges for stock SVR4; sources from modules dir
1995-12-11 Paul Mackerrasuse cc; sources from modules dir
1995-10-27 Paul Mackerrasadded
1995-10-27 Paul Mackerrasalign first byte to allow for A/C and proto compression
1995-10-27 Paul Mackerrasmods to support standard SVR4 as well as Solaris 2
1995-08-10 Paul MackerrasFix infinite loop on big packets; cleanup.
1995-07-11 Paul MackerrasFix bug in handling return value from decompress routine.
1995-06-30 Paul Mackerrasrestore DL_PHYS_ADDR_REQ
1995-06-30 Paul MackerrasInitial revision
1995-06-23 Paul MackerrasBug fixes to flow control code; put correct dlpi header...
1995-06-01 Paul MackerrasCope with the fact that CVS can't handle symbolic links
1995-06-01 Paul MackerrasPutting remaining PPP files under version control
1995-06-01 Paul Mackerrassol2 -> svr4
1995-06-01 Paul Mackerrasadd line to /etc/minor_perm; compile with -O
1995-06-01 Paul Mackerrasfix stats stuff
1995-05-29 Paul Mackerrasmods for other SVR4 systems; don't use ddi_get_soft_sta...
1995-05-29 Paul Mackerrasimplement statistics and 8-bit clean checks; don't...
1995-05-29 Paul Mackerrasmods for other SVR4 systems; use msgpullup rather than...
1995-05-23 Paul Mackerrasspecify permissions on add_drv
1995-05-19 Paul MackerrasInitial revision
1995-05-19 Paul Mackerrasadded install and clean targets
1995-05-19 Paul Mackerrasdebugged and working (no stats yet)
1995-05-10 Paul MackerrasInitial revision