fix prototypes & spls; added get idle-time ioctl
[ppp.git] / svr4 / ppp.c
1995-10-27 Paul Mackerrasmods to support standard SVR4 as well as Solaris 2
1995-06-30 Paul Mackerrasrestore DL_PHYS_ADDR_REQ
1995-06-23 Paul MackerrasBug fixes to flow control code; put correct dlpi header...
1995-06-01 Paul Mackerrasfix stats stuff
1995-05-29 Paul Mackerrasmods for other SVR4 systems; don't use ddi_get_soft_sta...
1995-05-19 Paul Mackerrasdebugged and working (no stats yet)
1995-05-10 Paul MackerrasInitial revision