Patch from Frank Cusack to add support for MSCHAPv2.
[ppp.git] / pppd / utils.c
2002-03-05 David F. SkollPatch from Frank Cusack to add support for MSCHAPv2.
2002-01-14 David F. SkollFixed reversal of arguments to strlcpy.
2002-01-11 Russell CokerFix for locking on Linux and related systems, particula...
2001-11-09 Paul Mackerrasfix dump_packet
2001-05-23 Paul Mackerrasadd dump_packet, don't log lcp echo request/reply messa...
2001-03-16 Paul Mackerrasimplement %u for printing bytes sent/received
2001-03-12 Paul Mackerrasfix silly bug in pr_log
2001-03-08 Paul MackerrasNew options system with priorities for option values...
2000-03-27 Paul Mackerrasincrease buffer size
1999-09-08 Adi MasputraChanged #if __STDC__ to #if defined(__STDC__)
1999-08-13 Paul MackerrasFix the rcsid's for non-ansi compilers
1999-08-12 Paul Mackerraskill warning
1999-06-24 Paul Mackerrasdon't print null received message, %.0[svq] prints...
1999-06-01 Paul Mackerrasbuglet fixes
1999-05-12 Paul Mackerrasmake it compile under sunos
1999-05-04 Paul Mackerrasmake it compile under Solaris
1999-04-16 Paul Mackerrastry to cope gracefully with the situation where someone...
1999-04-12 Paul MackerrasMove some stuff (printing, logging, [un]locking) into...