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1999-07-21 Paul Mackerrastalk about using init option for dialin
1999-03-16 Paul Mackerrasadd question about auth in 2.3.6
1999-03-02 Paul Mackerrasupdate for 2.3.6 release
1998-02-04 Paul Mackerrasadded demand question
1997-03-04 Paul Mackerrasanother q
1996-10-08 Paul Mackerrasupdate from Al
1996-09-14 Paul Mackerrasadded modload help
1996-08-28 Paul Mackerrasupdated for 2.3
1996-07-03 Paul Mackerrasmore answers
1996-07-01 Paul Mackerrasadd stuff about protocol-rejects and unsupported protocols.
1996-06-26 Paul Mackerrasmore words