The attached patch adds support for writing the nvram using the nvram
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2006-04-25 Doug MaxeySweep all the files for trailing whitespace.
2004-09-26 Ethan BensonUpdate links s/projects/bootloaders/g
2004-02-22 Ethan BensonAdd caveat regarding UFS to yaboot howto
2003-11-05 Ethan BensonUpdate compatibility declaration for CHRPBOOT examples
2003-02-09 Ethan BensonUpdate first stage to be compatible with new Macs
2002-09-15 Ethan BensonPrepare 1.3.7-pre1
2002-04-20 Ethan BensonUpdate upstream notice in yaboot-howto, translate it...
2002-03-27 Ethan Bensonsync with latest yaboot CVS
2002-03-27 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.6
2002-03-27 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.6-pre1
2002-03-27 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.5
2002-03-25 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.1
2002-03-25 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.0