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2011-10-18 Tony Breedsyaboot-1.3.17 master yaboot-1.3.17
2011-10-18 Benjamin HerrenschmidtMake: We must build with -fno-strict-aliasing
2011-10-18 Benjamin HerrenschmidtAdd support for the PowerNV platform
2011-10-18 Tony Breedsmake: Update CFLAGS to for -Werror.
2011-10-18 Tony Breedswarnings: Add explict casts to silence many compiler...
2011-10-18 Tony Breedswarnings: Update scopy() to explictly throw away comput...
2011-10-18 Tony Breedswarnings: Add explict prototype for prom_vfprintf()
2011-10-18 Tony BreedsBe explicit in order of evaluation in the reiserfs...
2011-10-18 Tony BreedsUse explicit casts when dumping config data
2011-10-18 Tony Breedsphandle != int in prom.c
2011-10-18 Tony BreedsAdd/Correct libgcc function prototypes
2011-10-18 Paul MackerrasSave arguments as well as image name for CAS reboot
2011-10-18 Tony Breedsmake: Add correct quotes to the VERSION define to allow...
2011-10-18 Tony BreedsForce yaboot to always build 32-bit.
2011-10-18 Tony Breedsyaboot does not compile against new e2fsprogs release
2010-08-05 Roman RakusTreat iSCSI targets as block devices. yaboot-1.3.17-rc1
2010-07-16 Tony BreedsAvoid stack smash in parseing the vendor specific options.
2010-07-16 Tony BreedsRemove old '0arch-timestamps0' file
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardLink yaboot at 1MB
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardAllocate kernel and ramdisk as low as possible
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardAllocate tftp temporary buffer from top of address...
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardAllocate malloc region with prom_claim_chunk_top
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardAdd prom_claim_chunk_top
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardBump PROM_CLAIM_MAX_ADDR to 256MB
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardAdd claim/release runtime debug output
2010-07-16 Anton Blanchardprint available ranges under control of linux, yaboot...
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardUse ino_size if available
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardAdd optional ino_size filesystem backend function
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove second zero of BSS
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardUse prom_claim_chunk to allocate malloc area
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove unused MAX_VAR_NAME define
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardFix incorrect comparision in get_params
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardAvoid gcc j_len unused warning
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove unused variable
2010-07-16 Anton Blanchardprom_getchar eats characters
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove MAX_HEADERS check
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove some stale code
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove magic numbers in print_message_file
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove some DEBUG code.
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove quik bootloader code
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove sysmap support
2010-07-16 Tony BreedsMerge branch 'devel'
2010-07-16 Tony Breedsextract_netinfo_args() should be a void function.
2010-07-16 Tony BreedsMerge branch 'netboot'
2010-07-09 Tony BreedsYaboot 1.3.16 yaboot-1.3.16
2010-07-09 Tony BreedsAdd "Developers Certificate of Origin"
2010-07-09 Tony BreedsVersion 1.3.15 yaboot-1.3.15
2009-10-23 Tony BreedsCheck each partition for swapspace before other filesys...
2009-10-22 Tony BreedsDo not of_open() LINUX_NATIVE partitions.
2009-10-22 Tony BreedsMerge branch 'birecs' into devel
2009-10-22 Tony BreedsHandle ipv6 boot parameters for POWER architecture.
2009-10-22 Tony BreedsParse the subnetmask from bootpath and DHCP options
2009-10-22 Tony BreedsUse an empty server address for "older" firmwares.
2009-10-22 Tony BreedsCheck for valid "looking" IPs before saving them.
2009-10-22 Tony BreedsAdd parseing for Vendor options aka DHCP options.
2009-10-02 Tony BreedsRemove Bootinfo (BIRECS).
2009-05-05 Tony BreedsUp LOAD_BUFFER_SIZE to 25Mb.
2009-04-09 Tony BreedsEnhance the parseing of IPv4 information.
2009-03-05 Chandra SeetharamanMove ipv4 arguments handling to a separate function...
2009-03-05 Chandra SeetharamanFix netboot fucntionality to use the parameters specified.
2009-03-05 Chandra SeetharamanPrepare for netboot fix(following patch). No Functional...
2009-03-05 Tony BreedsIncrease the LOAD_BUFFER_SIZE to 20MiB.
2009-02-17 Will Woodslong append="..." causes yaboot to reject entire yaboot... 1.3.15-merge yaboot-1.3.15-rc
2009-02-17 Will Woodsybin --bootonce doesn't work
2009-02-17 Tony BreedsRevert "Let prom_claim_chunk do the work for tftp image...
2009-02-13 Anton Blanchardybin succeeds but returns error code
2009-02-11 Mohan Kumar MAllow yaboot to load relocatable kernel
2008-04-15 David WoodhousePegasos and partition numbering
2008-04-15 Mike Wolfuse public interface to detect CAS reboots (take 2)
2008-01-04 Paul NasratThe CAS (Client-Architecture Support) call tells firmwa...
2008-01-03 Paul NasratRevert "The attached patch adds support for writing...
2008-01-03 Paul NasratRevert "Fix shell syntax"
2008-01-03 Paul NasratFix shell syntax
2007-12-04 Paul NasratThe attached patch adds support for writing the nvram...
2007-12-03 Paul NasratForce build to be ppc32
2007-12-03 Paul NasratFix typo
2007-12-03 Paul NasratFix typo in patch porting
2007-12-03 Paul NasratFix partition numbering handling with bplan firmware
2007-12-03 Paul NasratTry harder to allocate malloc region
2007-12-03 Paul NasratPrint version-release of yaboot
2007-12-03 Paul NasratLet prom_claim_chunk do the work for tftp images to...
2007-12-03 Paul NasratThese patch provides the function of load a alternative...
2007-12-03 Paul Nasratmove the tftp load space and use prom_claim_chunk to...
2007-12-03 Paul NasratThe patch from Scott Moser moves the "search-for-prom_c...
2007-08-17 Paul NasratRelease 1.3.14 yaboot-1.3.14
2007-08-17 Paul NasratOn some of the larger kernels we are starting to see...
2007-07-26 Paul NasratFix typo courtesy of Kenichi Nagai
2007-07-19 Paul NasratPrepare 1.3.14
2007-05-17 Paul NasratNetboot fixes:
2007-05-17 Paul NasratCorrect return type
2007-05-17 Paul NasratAdd missing includes
2007-05-17 Paul NasratFix compilation warnings by using return not exit.
2007-05-17 Paul NasratNow we stop truncating characters for pxelinux style...
2007-05-16 Paul NasratUpdate ChangeLog from git yaboot-1.3.14rc2
2007-05-15 Paul Nasratuse of cfg_set_default_by_mac() function in yaboot.c
2007-05-15 Paul NasratThis part creates the cfg_set_default_by_mac() function.
2007-05-15 Paul Nasratload_my_config_file() modifications in yaboot.c
2007-05-15 Paul Nasratprom functions
2007-05-15 Paul NasratThis patch fixes OF netbooting on pSeries
2007-05-15 Paul NasratUser-specified config file on Yaboot's prompt