chat: Clean up usage of clean() function
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2021-04-24 Eivind NæssAdd pkgconfig support to PPP project (#270)
2021-01-01 Paul MackerrasAdd cross-compilation support on Linux
2020-12-31 Samuel ThibaultAllow overriding the optimization level with CFLAGS...
2020-12-31 Paul MackerrasRevert "pppdump: support building with the system zlib...
2020-12-31 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'pppoatm_wildcard' of
2020-12-31 Samuel Thibaultpppdump: support building with the system zlib (#189)
2020-12-31 Samuel ThibaultDo not strip installed binaries (#186)
2020-12-31 Paul MackerrasMerge pull request #177 from tisj/eap-mschapv2-server
2020-12-31 Paul MackerrasMerge pull request #103 from Low-power/solaris-mtu-fix
2020-12-30 Paul MackerrasMerge pull request #54 from shankerwangmiao/master
2020-12-30 Paul MackerrasMerge pull request #101 from vyos/if-renaming-clean
2020-12-29 Paul MackerrasMerge pull request #153 from pali/master
2020-12-29 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'chap-timeout' of
2020-12-29 Paul MackerrasConvert to ANSI C
2020-05-25 Jaroslav ŠkarvadaAdded missing options to manual pages. (#149)
2020-05-25 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'monotonic-time' of
2019-10-01 Paul Mackerraspppdump: Eliminate printf format warning by using %zd
2018-06-23 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'pppd_print_changes' of https://github...
2018-06-23 Paul MackerrasMerge branch 'pppoe-discovery-cleanup' of https://githu...
2018-05-28 Jaroslav ŠkarvadaHonor LDFLAGS
2013-02-03 Paul Mackerraspppdump: Eliminate some compiler warnings
2011-03-05 Paul Mackerraspppdump: Fix printfs with insufficient arguments
2008-07-27 Paul MackerrasRemove files that don't go into releases
2008-07-27 Paul MackerrasGet the repository a bit closer to what will be released
2006-06-04 Paul MackerrasAdd $(INSTDIR) to installation paths in Linux makefiles.
2004-11-13 Paul MackerrasCorrectly escape or unescape hypens in the man pages.
2004-10-31 Paul MackerrasPut man pages in /usr/share/man under Linux.
2004-10-29 Paul MackerrasAdd --prefix and --sysconfdir options to configure...
2004-01-17 James CarlsonFixed compilation failure on Solaris due to new CHAP...
2002-12-06 Paul MackerrasMore copyright updates. The new CMU copyright notice...
2002-09-07 James CarlsonAdded ability to detect and use either gcc or Sun WorkS...
2001-03-12 Paul Mackerraschange to bsd-style licence
2000-04-18 Adi Masputra1) Created a subdirectory called 'solaris'. Currently...
1999-09-22 Adi MasputraClean up the rest of objects during make clean.
1999-08-24 Paul Mackerrasadd -a option to print absolute times (instead of relative)
1999-08-12 Paul Mackerrasuse $(INSTALL) not install
1999-05-12 Paul Mackerrasupdate
1999-04-16 Paul Mackerrasuse memset not bzero
1999-04-01 Paul Mackerrasadd man page for pppdump and add it to the list of...
1999-04-01 Paul Mackerrasmake it compile under sunos
1999-03-25 Paul Mackerrasprint timestamp at beginning of each section
1999-03-24 Paul Mackerrasneed these too
1999-03-23 Paul Mackerrascheck in pppdump sources