plugins/rp-pppoe: Make tag parsing loop condition more accurate
[ppp.git] / pppd / plugins / rp-pppoe / common.c
2019-12-29 Paul Mackerrasplugins/rp-pppoe: Make tag parsing loop condition more...
2019-05-18 Matteo Crocepppoe: Custom host-uniq tag
2012-05-20 Benjamin LaHaiserp-pppoe plugin: Print leading zeros in MAC address
2010-08-24 Simon Arlottrp-pppoe: allow MTU to be increased up to 1500
2008-06-09 Paul MackerrasUpdates and fixes for the rp-pppoe plugin
2004-01-13 Paul MackerrasPPPoE updates: don't exit if discovery fails, cope...
2001-12-14 Michal OstrowskiSwitch to using RoaringPenguin-based PPPOE plugin