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2009-01-02 Jeremy KerrUse a list for device->boot_options
2008-12-31 Jeremy KerrUse CPPFLAGS for -I arguments
2008-12-31 Jeremy KerrRemove reference to device.h
2008-12-16 Jeremy KerrUse talloc for device handler destruction
2008-12-16 Jeremy KerrAdd device handler cleanup
2008-12-16 Jeremy KerrInitial device handler code
2008-12-16 Jeremy KerrFix invocation of udev_init
2008-12-15 Jeremy KerrHook up udev events to device handler
2008-12-15 Jeremy KerrRemove const from print_device_remove
2008-12-15 Jeremy KerrDon't print pid on ui test startup
2008-12-15 Jeremy KerrCreate device-handler for managing registered devices
2008-12-15 Jeremy KerrInitial support for multiple UIs
2008-12-09 Jeremy Kerrautoconfiscate
2008-12-07 Jeremy Kerrtests: add tests for assorted ydl and ubuntu configs
2008-12-07 Jeremy Kerrkboot parser: Add UUID and LABEL tests
2008-12-07 Jeremy Kerryaboot parser: fix cfg_getc inline
2008-12-06 Geoff LevandInclude limits.h
2008-12-06 Geoff LevandRemove unneded kboot patch
2008-01-10 Jeremy KerrVersion 0.2
2008-01-08 Jeremy KerrUnify boot messages
2008-01-08 Jeremy KerrGive boot messages time to display.
2008-01-08 Jeremy KerrPrint ststus message when booting
2008-01-08 Jeremy KerrAdd define for boot-game-os binary
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrUse git-ls-files for make dist target
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrRename udev-helper to petitboot-udev-helper
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrFix check for null initrd and boot args
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrMake kboot_parser global options array static
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrAdd kexec argument logging
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrIgnore /dev/loop* devices
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrDon't log in removable device poll loops
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrCreate uuid and label symlinks when mounting devices
2008-01-07 Jeremy KerrRework device-path handling
2008-01-04 Jeremy KerrDon't reset dev->id in yaboot parser
2008-01-03 Jeremy KerrMove path maniuplation functions to devices/paths.c
2007-12-20 Jeremy KerrDon't #include <libio.h>
2007-12-20 Jeremy KerrFix path in udev rule example
2007-12-20 Jeremy KerrLog udev-helper output to /var/log/, not /var/tmp/
2007-09-12 Jeremy KerrRemove completed items from TODO
2007-09-12 Jeremy KerrUpdate ps3-kboot patch
2007-08-23 Jeremy KerrAdd 'make check' and 'make distcheck' targets
2007-08-23 Jeremy KerrAdd parser tests, clean up test system
2007-08-23 Jeremy KerrAdd ps3 controller support
2007-08-16 Jeremy KerrAdd utils dir to tarball
2007-06-27 Jeremy KerrResolve device paths in kernel and initrd locations.
2007-06-27 Jeremy KerrUse --disable-x11 for configuring libtwin in kboot.
2007-06-26 Jeremy KerrUse --std=gnu99, not c99.
2007-06-26 Jeremy Kerrkboot parser: add facility for default options
2007-04-10 Jeremy KerrAdd todo for kboot device paths
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrInclude COPYING and TODO in dist target
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrMore TODO items, ready for 0.0.1 release v0.0.1
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrUse shorter status bar string
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrFix another bogon in log()
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrAdd petitboot utilities
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrAdd GPL
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrMore robusst comment-ignoring in kboot parser.
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrStop on first valid config found
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrFix random bytes in string in kboot parser
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrFix bogon in parser test
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrUse pb_log in the udev-helper.
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrMerge ssh://ozlabs.org//home/jk/git/petitboot
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrSeparate parsing infrastructure and add test wrapper
2007-04-05 Benjamin HerrenschmidtFill up TODO list
2007-04-05 Benjamin HerrenschmidtAdd backspace to boot back to gameos and make left...
2007-04-05 Benjamin HerrenschmidtSmall change to acceleration curves
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrIgnore ramdisk devices.
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrFix space issue with kboot parser.
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrDon't block udev if udev-helper sleeps
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrDon't crash when ID_BUS isn't in the env.
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrUse a tux icon as the default for boot options
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrUse compressed cursor
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrAdd TODO file
2007-04-05 Jeremy KerrAdd kboot.conf parser
2007-04-04 Jeremy KerrRemove duplicate prepend_mountpoint() functions.
2007-04-04 Benjamin HerrenschmidtAdd a totally hackish video mode change mecanism
2007-04-04 Benjamin HerrenschmidtMerge branch 'master' of ssh://ozlabs.org/home/jk/git...
2007-04-04 Benjamin HerrenschmidtMore message bits
2007-04-04 Benjamin HerrenschmidtAdd a status message bar
2007-04-04 Jeremy KerrAllow petitboot to run udevtrigger on start
2007-04-03 Benjamin Herrenschmidtjpeg background support and scaling
2007-04-03 Jeremy KerrFix includes for new libtwin
2007-04-03 Jeremy KerrBe more careful including twin headers
2007-04-03 Jeremy KerrAllow twin cflags and libs to be explicitly defined
2007-04-03 Jeremy KerrUse DESTDIR for make install
2007-04-03 David WoodhouseHookup kexec
2007-04-03 Benjamin HerrenschmidtAdd USE_FAKE_SOCKET compile option
2007-04-03 Benjamin HerrenschmidtPrimitive support for polling removable devices
2007-04-03 David WoodhouseAdd some basic yaboot.conf parsing support
2007-04-02 Jeremy KerrAdd 'make dist' target
2007-04-02 Jeremy KerrMake petitboot installable
2007-04-02 Jeremy KerrIntegrate devices/Makefile
2007-04-02 Jeremy KerrInitial gitification of petitboot