2019-06-21 Javier Martinez... discover/grub2: Allow to separate the --id argument... master v1.10.4
2019-06-21 Javier Martinez... discover/grub2: Allow using title for default even...
2019-06-07 Samuel Mendoza... travis: Publish sphinx docs to Github pages
2019-06-07 Samuel Mendoza... doc: Start writing some in-tree documentation
2019-06-07 Samuel Mendoza... Remove outdated TODO file
2019-06-07 Samuel Mendoza... utils: Optionally run utilities as root
2019-05-30 Samuel Mendoza... utils: Quote plugin name and vendor variables
2019-05-30 Samuel Mendoza... Various fixups and checks to make scan-build happy
2019-04-01 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Use -m to run shell in own process... v1.10.3
2019-03-26 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add prompt for LUKS device password
2019-03-26 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Recognise and open LUKS encrypted partitions
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... lib: Add AUTH_MSG_DECRYPT
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... lib/process: Add option to pipe to process stdin
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... lib/system: Add cryptsetup utility
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Trap SIGTERM on boot v1.10.2
2019-03-05 Samuel Mendoza... Include leading 'v' from git describe
2019-02-01 Samuel Mendoza... lib/url: Include port in pb_url_to_string() v1.10.1
2018-12-13 Samuel Mendoza... discover/devmapper: Retry dm-device remove if busy v1.10.0
2018-12-13 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add option to clear IPMI boot mailbox
2018-12-13 Samuel Mendoza... utils: Add helper to send mailbox request
2018-12-13 Samuel Mendoza... discover/platform-powerpc: read bootdev config from...
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Keep track of the default boot option
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add nc-auth and authenticate when required.
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/common: Client authentication helpers
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Simplify starting shell
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... discover/platform-powerpc: Read and write password...
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... discover/device-handler: Prevent normal users changing...
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... discover/discover-server: Restrict clients based on uid
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... lib/pb-protocol: Add PB_PROTOCOL_ACTION_AUTHENTICATE
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... lib/crypt: Add helpers for operating on /etc/shadow
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Ignore SIGINT
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Set up controlling terminal
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-sos: Don't create files in root by default
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... utils/pb-console: Support agetty's autologin option
2018-12-03 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Add a missing gettext call & update transla...
2018-11-29 Samuel Mendoza... discover/platform-powerpc: Remove unused variable
2018-11-29 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Display warning if saving config fails
2018-11-29 Samuel Mendoza... discover/boot: Fix talloc parent for resource URLs
2018-11-22 Shawn Anastasiodiscover/grub2: Add support for initrd16 builtin
2018-11-16 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Nicely format IPMI response buffers v1.9.2
2018-11-16 Samuel Mendoza... ui/ncurses: Reset console options on boot
2018-11-16 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Reimplement native-parser as a Bison parser
2018-11-14 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Remove unused params.c
2018-11-14 Samuel Mendoza... lib/flash: Check if the partition is signed
2018-10-02 Geoff Levanddocker: Change into docker directory
2018-08-31 Samuel Mendoza... docker: Allow CC and make command to be customised
2018-08-28 Samuel Mendoza... discover/kboot-parser: Recognise 'default' parameter v1.9.1
2018-08-28 Samuel Mendoza... discover/device-handler: Restore autoboot setting on...
2018-08-28 Brett Grandboisui/ncurses: in lockdown ensure system reboot in ncurses...
2018-08-28 Samuel Mendoza... discover: Let 'boot' user-event boot by name
2018-08-28 Geoff Levandtravis: Update to job matrix
2018-08-28 Joel Stanleydocker: Update to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
2018-08-28 Samuel Mendoza... discover/network: Stop udhcpc6 process on requery
2018-08-28 Geoff LevandREADME: Update
2018-08-16 Samuel Mendoza... travis: Use docker scripts v1.9.0
2018-08-15 Geoff Levanddiscover/arm64: Update to struct efi_mount
2018-08-15 Geoff Levandtest/efivar: Rework for efi_mount
2018-08-14 Geoff Levandlib/efi: Move magic to implementation
2018-08-14 Geoff Levandlib/efi: Add new struct efi_mount
2018-08-14 Geoff Levandlib/efi: Log operations to debug log
2018-08-14 Geoff Levandlib/efi: Add EFI_DEFALT_ATTRIBUTES macro
2018-08-14 Samuel Mendoza... docker: Use host networking
2018-08-14 Geoff Levandlib/efi: Add check for ioctl_iflags support
2018-08-14 Geoff Levanddiscover/platforms: Fix param_list talloc failure
2018-08-14 Geoff Levandlib/talloc: Fix TALLOC_ABORT
2018-08-14 Geoff Levandpb_log: Break out timestamp
2018-08-14 Geoff Levanddiscover/platform: Use pb_log_fn
2018-08-14 Geoff Levanddocker: Add strace for interactive debugging
2018-08-07 Ge Songdiscover: Add platform-arm64
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandlib/system: Add dmidecode as system app
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandconfigure: Add conditional platform builds
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover: Add platform-dummy
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandconfigure: Rename ENABLE_PS3 to PLATFORM_PS3
2018-08-07 Ge Songdiscover: Move generic params routines to platform
2018-08-07 Ge Songdiscover: Move generic config routines to platform
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover/powerpc: Switch to new param_list
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover/powerpc: Add param_name arg
2018-08-07 Ge Songdiscover/powerpc: Rearange save_config
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandlib/param_list: Add new parameter list routines
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover/event: Rename param -> event_param
2018-08-07 Ge Songdiscover: Move generic ipmi routines to ipmi
2018-08-07 Samuel Mendoza... test-efivar: Update to latest lib/efi routines
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandlib/efi: Cleanup read/write routines
2018-08-07 Ge Songlib/efi: Add new routines to access efi variables
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover/powerpc: Use process_get_stdout
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandlib/process: Add process_get_stdout
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandlib/process: Cleanup stdout callback
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover/parser: Hookup parser_is_unique
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandtest/parser: Add parser_is_unique
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover/parser: Add new parser_is_unique
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover: Add some debug print messages
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover/kboot-parser: Look in /boot
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddiscover: Add --debug to kexec
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandlib/log: Switch to pb_log_fn
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandlib/log: Add verbose logging routines
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandconfigure: Remove unused ENABLE_DEBUG
2018-08-07 Geoff Levandconfigure: Add check for UI build
2018-08-07 Geoff Levanddocker: Add libfdt-dev
2018-08-07 Samuel Mendoza... discover/paths: Cleanup res after getaddrinfo
2018-08-07 Samuel Mendoza... docker: Pass extra options to configure