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js: Add jquery and jquery tablednd plugins
[patchwork] / docs / INSTALL
2013-06-16 Jeremy Kerrjs: Add jquery and jquery tablednd plugins
2011-09-19 Jeremy KerrMerge branch 'notifications'
2011-04-19 Guilherme SalgadoPatchwork now requires Django 1.2, so state that in...
2011-04-14 Jeremy Kerrnotifications: Add NOTIFICATION_FROM_EMAIL setting
2011-04-14 Jeremy Kerrregistration: use EmailConfimation rather than separate...
2011-02-11 Dirk Wallensteindocs: Fix link creation example
2010-08-10 Jeremy Kerrdocs: fix apache2 references
2010-08-10 Martin Krafftlib/apache2: Add WSGI Handler
2010-08-10 Martin Krafftdocs: Document password-based pgsql login
2010-08-10 Jeremy Kerrdocs: reformat INSTALL
2010-08-10 Jeremy Kerrdocs: elaborate on lib/ dirs in INSTALL
2010-08-10 Jeremy Kerrdocs: update INSTALL for commonly-available packages
2010-08-10 Martin KrafftRegistration framework maintained on bitbucket
2009-10-23 Jeremy Kerrdocs: Fix typo in INSTALL
2009-07-11 Jeremy Kerrdocs: add note about -pass-header Authorization' to...
2009-02-08 Jeremy KerrBundle reordering support
2008-10-10 Jeremy Kerr[packages] update to django 1.0
2008-10-10 Jeremy Kerr[docs] Create python and packages directories
2008-10-09 Jeremy Kerr[sql] use separate grant-all scripts for postgresql...
2008-09-08 Jeremy KerrAdd 'update' method to pwclient
2008-09-08 Nate CaseAdd XML-RPC interface and command line client
2008-09-05 Jeremy KerrUse local settings module
2008-08-22 Jeremy KerrDocument dependency on django-registration
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrAdd more details to installation procedure
2008-08-21 Jeremy KerrInital commit