tdb2: use 64 bit file offsets on 32 bit systems if available.
[ccan] / ccan / ciniparser / ciniparser.c
2011-04-27 Andreas Schlickciniparser: Add a check that len remains within bounds.
2011-03-16 Brad Hardsciniparser: avoid dead store to sta
2011-03-16 Brad Hardsciniparser: remove dead store
2010-01-06 Rusty RussellMore header fixups: now it all compiles again.
2010-01-06 Rusty RussellRemove old run-tests, clean up #includes to all be...
2009-07-18 Rusty RussellMerge.
2009-07-16 Joey AdamsRusty's cleanup to ciniparser.c's strstrip and strlwc
2009-04-04 Rusty RussellTim Post's iniparser module.