make: use STRIP
[yaboot.git] / second / cfg.c
2011-10-18 Tony BreedsUse explicit casts when dumping config data
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove unused MAX_VAR_NAME define
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove unused variable
2010-07-16 Anton BlanchardRemove sysmap support
2009-02-17 Will Woodslong append="..." causes yaboot to reject entire yaboot... 1.3.15-merge yaboot-1.3.15-rc
2007-05-15 Paul NasratThis part creates the cfg_set_default_by_mac() function.
2007-05-15 Paul NasratUser-specified config file on Yaboot's prompt
2007-04-19 Paul Nasratyaboot menu user interface
2007-03-07 Paul NasratCompile fix
2007-02-15 Paul NasratMerge ability to have per machine type config entries...
2006-04-25 Doug MaxeySweep all the files for trailing whitespace.
2002-03-27 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.6
2002-03-26 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.5-pre1
2002-03-26 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.4
2002-03-26 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.4-pre3
2002-03-25 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.4-pre1
2002-03-25 Ethan BensonCommit yaboot 1.3.0