discover/syslinux-parser: Fix missing comma in ignored names.
[petitboot] / discover / discover-server.h
2017-08-15 Samuel Mendoza-Jonasdiscover: Handle and track plugin_options
2016-12-20 Jeremy Kerrtypes: shorten boot_status definitions
2013-11-13 Jeremy Kerrconfig: Implement config messages
2013-10-09 Jeremy KerrAdd system info messages
2013-05-06 Jeremy Kerrdiscover: Add discover_server_notify_boot_status
2013-04-16 Jeremy Kerrprotocol: Separate device add from boot-option add...
2013-04-10 Jeremy Kerrwaiter: Don't rely on global variables to keep waiter...
2009-01-02 Jeremy KerrHook up parsers to device discovery
2008-12-15 Jeremy KerrCreate device-handler for managing registered devices
2008-12-15 Jeremy KerrInitial support for multiple UIs