short_types: update documentation on be32/le32 etc.
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2013-09-08 Rusty Russellshort_types: update documentation on be32/le32 etc.
2013-09-08 Rusty Russellendian/short_types: sparse support.
2012-11-01 Rusty RussellRelicense all public domain modules to CC0.
2011-10-04 Rusty Russellshort_types: fix example for 64 bit platforms
2011-07-21 Rusty Russellshort_types: relicense to public domain.
2011-07-19 Rusty Russellvarious: make the _info License: wording uniform for...
2010-10-17 Rusty Russelllicence->license: US English is the standard for code.
2010-08-06 Rusty RussellAdd author and maintainer fields.
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